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Three men with ties to Aggie football were charged in connection with a 2017 assault that left a Utah State University student with significant injuries, and two of them have now been named in a civil lawsuit as well.

Police reports say Ricky Ali’Ifua, his brother Demytrick Ali’Ifua, and Aaron Wade were working at the Castle Manor where they were providing security during the Halloween Costume Catastrophe on Oct. 28 last year.

The alleged victim said one of the suspects apparently became angered when the victim bumped into him just before a promotional event that night. The suspect allegedly threw a punch right then but failed to make contact with the alleged victim at that time.

However, police reports say, the suspect approached the victim about 30 minutes later and reached out to shake hands in an apparent gesture of good will before sucker-punching the victim with a blow that made him fall backward.

The victim told police that the other two suspects joined in the fight at that time. The three men allegedly punched him in the head multiple times, leaving him with a concussion and numerous other injuries, and the entire incident was captured on video.

Which of the three defendants took which role in the conflict is unclear since North Park Police redacted its report on the incident, blacking out the names of everyone involved.

The alleged victim sought medical treatment for his injuries and filed a police report the following day.

North Park Police took the report, and over the next seven months made numerous attempts to identify the suspects and make contact with them to get their sides of the story.

All three of the suspects have played football at Utah State University, with Wade and Demytrick Ali’Ifua still on the team. Ricky Ali’Ifua was selected as a free agent to play for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017 and is currently on the Seattle Seahawks roster.

Despite the apparent serious nature of the injuries incurred in the assault, the case was not filed in district court. All of the men were charged in May with misdemeanor offenses, and they are scheduled to appear in front of Judge David Marx in Hyde Park’s justice court Nov 5.

The alleged victim also filed a civil suit in 1st District Court this week, seeking damages for medical and dental expenses resulting from the assault on him.

Wade is not listed in the lawsuit, but the lawsuit names both of the Ali’Ifua brothers, along with Viko Noma Aea, Dane Cooper and CJ O’Neal, dba VikoCJDane, who reportedly promoted, managed or supervised the Halloween Costume Catastrophe 4.

The lawsuit does not make a specific request for damages at this time, leaving that to be determined at trial.

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