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A Cache Valley man was charged in 1st District Court on Friday after Logan City Police officers say he assaulted a woman multiple times and once held her at gunpoint.

Samuel Allen Cullumber, 29, faces three counts of first-degree aggravated kidnapping and one count of class-B assault.

An affidavit filed with the court alleges Cullumber assaulted the woman multiple times with the intention of making “the victim fear him and to gain control of the victim.”

According to the affidavit, the alleged victim disclosed five incidents that occurred since 2016. Police wrote Cullumber smothered the woman with a pillow, causing her to go in and out of consciousness. In another incident, police wrote Cullumber strangled the woman with his hands; the alleged victim told police Cullumber “had a ‘sadistic’ look on his face,” during the incident and she again lost consciousness.

Police wrote Cullumber also pointed a handgun at the side of the alleged victim’s head while she was sitting at a table.

“She said after he pointed the gun at her head, he told her he was just playing,” police wrote. “She stated it did not feel like (it was) a joke and she felt she was going to die.”

On two other occasions, the alleged victim told police Cullumber pushed her to the ground.

When interviewed about the incidents, according to police, Cullumber admitted to getting upset with the alleged victim and smothering her with a pillow and, in a separate incident, strangling her with his hands. In both incidents, police wrote, Cullumber did this because “if he killed her he would not have anyone else to control.”

Cullumber also admitted to pushing the victim to the ground and to pointing an unloaded gun at her while he was intoxicated. Police wrote that Cullumber said he pointed the gun to control and frighten the alleged victim.

Cullumber made his initial appearance for the charges on Friday via video conference call from the Cache County Jail.

Cache County prosecutor Andrew Crane requested Cullumber be held without bail due to risk posed to the alleged victim.

Judge Spencer Walsh ordered Cullumber to be held without bail provisionally until defense counsel could further address his bail status.

Cullumber is set to appear in court again on Nov. 24.

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