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A Florida woman was sentenced to jail and probation for stalking Logan residents.

Melissa Demetropoulos, 48, was ordered to serve three concurrent sentences of 364 days in the Cache County Jail with credit for 170 days served. The court also ordered 36 months probation and a permanent criminal stalking injunction.

According to documents filed with the 1st District Court on Monday, Demetropoulos will be granted early release in order to return to Florida as soon as an interstate compact agreement is completed.

In October 2019, Demetropoulos pleaded guilty to class-B electronic communication harassment; she was sentenced to 12 months of probation, community service in Florida and was ordered not to contact the victim. It was alleged the victim in the case began receiving hundreds of messages on a social media account from a 20-something woman, police wrote in an affidavit, and ultimately discovered the identity of Demetropoulos. It was alleged Demetropoulos discovered the victim’s phone number and address, began mailing gifts and electronically submitted sexually explicit pictures.

After returning to Florida, however, police alleged Demetropoulos continually violated the stalking injunction in the aforementioned case. An affidavit filed with the court stated Demetropoulos contacted friends and family members of the victim over social media, including a friend of the victim who was connected to a student newspaper article about the prior harassment charge.

It was also alleged Demetropoulos reached out to police regarding the victim and named spouses of officers and prosecuting attorneys by name in an email. Police wrote Demetropoulos referenced convicted murderers Jodi Arias and Brenda Walsh and inquired as to the number of elementary schools in the Cache Valley area. Defense attorney Wayne Caldwell, however, said these perceived threats were misconstrued by law enforcement and Demetropoulos had no intention of harming anyone at a school.

Demetropoulos was arrested in Florida and extradited to Utah in January. She was initially charged with 15 class-A stalking charges and four counts of third-degree retaliation against a witness, victim or informant. She pleaded guilty to two class-A misdemeanors and one third-degree felony on April 6 as part of a plea agreement, and the remainder of the charges were dismissed. According to documents filed with the court, prosecutors agreed not to pursue additional charges against Demetropoulos.

Demetropoulos is currently in the Cache County jail where she has been held since Jan. 3.

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