Logan police have issued an arrest warrant for a former Utah State University football player suspected of rape who they suspect attempted to avoid arrest by going home to Chicago.

According to the information supporting the man’s arrest, police say 23-year-old Lamar Anthony Dawson had sex with a female acquaintance on Valentine’s Day, even after they both acknowledged she was heavily intoxicated.

Dawson reportedly visited the woman’s apartment that day to return a speaker. He left, but they continued their conversation via a series of text messages.

Police say she openly admitted she was heavily intoxicated and he told her he was aware. As they continued, their text messages seemed to get flirtatious, although she repeatedly told him she was drunk.

“Finally, (she) relents and tells Mr. Dawson to come ‘cuddle’ and continues … but don’t expect sex because I’m not in the right mindset to make that decision,’” the affidavit of arrest stated.

Dawson reportedly replied, saying he wasn’t about to do so because she was drunk, so she allegedly told him he could come over to cuddle, nothing more.

The alleged victim later told police that she had vague memories of Dawson having sex with her, but he denied it, telling her they kissed, they “chilled,” and they slept.

Police say Dawson later confessed to police that he did have sex with her, although he claims she was “aggressive” with him and “jumped on top” of him. Dawson denies initiating sex with her.

The alleged victim went to a local hospital where she went through a sexual assault exam and provided fluids for a toxicology exam, which indicated her blood alcohol content was between .14-.29 at the time of the assault, police stated.

The woman also told police she had taken a new prescription medication that day, which possibly increased her impairment, police added.

Police attempted to contact Dawson to make an arrest last week, but they were unable to locate him. They later learned he had been suspended from football, so they believe he may have returned to Chicago.

Charges were filed in 1st District Court this week and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

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Amy Macavinta is the crime reporter for The Herald Journal. She can be reached at amacavinta@hjnews.com.