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LOGAN — A Hyrum man convicted of leading multiple police chases received multiple statutory maximum sentences on Monday.

Albert Hernandez was sentenced in several cases including theft, theft by receiving stolen property, burglary, possession of a controlled substance and assault against a peace officer.

“Honestly, it’s embarrassing to sit up here and listen to everything that I did,” Hernandez said to the court. “The things I did do — they’re wrong.”

Defense attorney Shannon Demler said the crimes were partially a response to substance abuse. He said jail had been positive for his client, allowing Hernandez to remain sober for the past 166 days.

“He just went out of control,” Demler said.

Court documents describe multiple police evasions, burglaries and car thefts by Hernandez. One affidavit states, “Any time he is located he evades police and causes a public danger.”

According to a probable cause statement, Hernandez swerved into oncoming traffic during one of many police chases. Hernandez drove “head on” toward a pursuing officer, who had to swerve to avoid being hit.

Earlier this year, Hernandez was reportedly on the run for more than two weeks before police apprehended him in April.

Prosecuting attorney Griffin Hazard said to the court that Hernandez did this because he knew the police would cease pursuing him — showing a consistent lack of respect for authority.

It was reported in another case Hernandez fled in another stolen car, crashed into a car and then crashed into the Logan Golf Course. Hernadez fled on foot and, again, evaded police.

“He is a significant menace to society,” said Hazard to the court.

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