Brian K. Williams

Brian K. Williams

A 41-year old Logan man is going back to prison after he was found guilty — twice — of sexually abusing three young women during their childhood.

Brian K. Williams was first charged in 2014 with six counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and six counts of forcible sexual abuse. In October 2015, a jury found him guilty on all counts and he was sent to the Utah State Prison for a minimum of 15 years and perhaps up to the remainder of his life.

He appealed the conviction to the Utah Court of Appeals and last year he was granted a new trial based, in part, on the appellate court’s ruling that some of the language used during voir dire during the jury selection process in the original trial was prejudicial to his case.

The victims in the case, who had already testified first at a preliminary hearing then in the 2015 trial, testified for a third time in March this year where a second jury also found him guilty on all counts.

While aggravated sexual abuse of a child is now punishable by 15 years to life in prison, it was once a 5-to-life crime. When Williams was sentenced after the first trial, his former attorney petitioned the court for the lesser sentence because the events in question occurred prior to the 2007 amendments.

Williams was received three terms of 5-to-life for the aggravated sexual assault of each of the victims, to be served consecutively, for a minimum of 15 years in prison. He was also sentenced to six terms of 1-15 years for each of six counts of forcible sexual abuse, to be served concurrent to the other charges.

Williams’ attorney Tara Isaacson argued for concurrent sentencing on all of the cases, but Allen stuck to the sentence he handed down in 2015 — a minimum of 15 years, now with credit for the three years he has already spent in prison. Twitter: amacavinta

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