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A Logan man accused of strangling a pregnant woman pleaded guilty on Tuesday to amended charges.

Dillan Taylor Derrick, 19, waived his preliminary hearing and pleaded guilty to singular counts of attempted burglary and aggravated assault — both of which are third-degree felonies. Derrick was initially charged with first-degree aggravated burglary and third-degree aggravated assault; the charges were reduced as part of a plea agreement.

Derrick could face zero to five years in the Utah State Prison for each third-degree felony.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the 1st District Court, the alleged victim reported to police a physical altercation with Derrick on May 7. An uninvited Derrick arrived at the victim’s apartment, police wrote, and when the victim answered the door believing it was somebody else, Derrick entered “after putting his foot in the doorway.”

The alleged victim told Derrick to leave several times, according to police, and proceeded to lock herself in a bedroom after he became “extremely upset.” The victim heard the front door of her residence shut and presumed Derrick had left, but the dispute then continued when she emerged from the bedroom and found Derrick was still in the home.

The victim told police the resulting dispute involved physical pushing and “5 to 10 seconds” of strangulation. The victim reminded Derrick she was pregnant, and he ultimately calmed and left residence. Police observed light bruising and redness around the alleged victim’s neck, face and hands. The following day, police observed more pronounced bruising and a lump on the back of the victim’s head.

When interviewed by police, Derrick said he did not leave the apartment as instructed by the victim, but instead hid in the kitchen. When the victim emerged from the bedroom, Derrick told police the victim began hitting and slapping him as the dispute persisted. Derrick told police he held the victim down by her shoulders and not by her neck.

Derrick has been charged in six prior assault cases since December 2018, according to court records. The prior cases all involved misdemeanor assault charges; Derrick pleaded guilty in three of them while the others were dismissed.

Derrick is scheduled to be sentenced on July 27. He is currently being held in the Cache County Jail.

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