A Logan man who pleaded guilty to felony sex crimes against minors was sentenced to jail and probation.

Daniel Gary Archibald, 43, was sentenced to 364 days in the Cache County Jail and 48 months of probation. In December, Archibald pleaded guilty to five counts of second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and a single class-A count of unlawful distribution of an intimate image.

Due to an ongoing medical issue requiring a wound vacuum, Judge Thomas Willmore ordered Archibald to report to the jail in one month.

Archibald’s defense attorneys told the court Archibald had been diagnosed with central auditory processing disorder — a learning disability where ears “don’t fully coordinate” with the brain — which can lead to addictive tendencies.

Archibald expressed remorse for his crimes and told the court he had “got in too deep with pornography.” When asked to explain to the court why his crimes were unacceptable, Archibald discussed consent and said “it’s unnatural.”

“You’re victimizing a child every time,” Willmore said, pounding the bench between words for emphasis.

Cache County prosecutors allege Archibald had been looking at sexually explicit photos and videos of minors on the internet and had distributed a sensitive photo of a woman as a form of revenge. Archibald was arrested on July 1, 2019.

Archibald was living in Rexburg, however, Willmore said Archibald would not be allowed to travel back to Idaho due to the interstate compact.

Archibald is expected to report to the jail by March 10.

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