A man who is serving one year in jail for one protective order violation has been ordered to serve another year in an unrelated case that also included a stalking conviction.

Spencer L. Jensen, 33, was first sentenced in March to 343 days in the Cache County Jail after he was convicted of two counts of violating a protective order. According to court records, Jensen pleaded guilty to one count and no contest to the other.

Then, in July, Jensen returned to the courtroom for a bench trial on another protective order violation and a stalking charge.

Judge Thomas Willmore found Jensen guilty after hearing evidence from the victim and one of her coworkers about Jensen’s repeated attempts to communicate with her after she asked him dozens of times to stop. Then, when she blocked his calls, he tried to contact her at her workplace.

During the sentencing hearing on Monday, Willmore tried repeatedly to get Jensen to commit to probation requirements, which require him to maintain stable housing and employment.

While Jensen did not refuse outright, he continued to play word games with Willmore, who ultimately ordered him to spend another year in jail, consecutive to the term he is already serving.


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