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A Cache Valley man charged with multiple felonies related to the assault of a woman and a child entered into a plea agreement on Monday.

Donald Trever Hansen, 32, pleaded no contest to class-A child abuse — amended from second-degree felony. In addition, Hansen pleaded guilty to third-degree tampering with a witness, two counts of third-degree violation of a protective order, class-A assault and class-A criminal mischief. Four felonies and four misdemeanors filed against Hansen were dismissed.

Hansen is scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 31.

According to Cache County prosecutor Spencer Walsh, Hansen grabbed the child victim around the neck, causing pain and difficulty breathing. Walsh told the court that in a separate incident, Hansen ripped the adult victim’s jacket and pushed her down a set of stairs during a dispute over a phone. Charges were filed against Hansen for the incidents on May 18.

On May 21, Hansen was charged with six third-degree felonies after violating a protective order through a third party. Walsh said Hansen and the adult victim exchanged messages through Hansen’s mother. According to Walsh, during correspondence with his mother, Hansen made comments about the victims changing their statements. According to documents filed with the 1st District Court, deputies believed Hansen was trying to manipulate the child victim.

“He stated to tell her that he is just super sad that she would ever say that he would try to hurt her and that he hopes she knows it was an accident,” deputies wrote.

On June 18, Hansen told the court he was being threatened into entering a guilty plea during time set aside for a preliminary hearing. According to Hansen, prosecutors told him if he didn’t plead guilty they would pursue charges against his mother. Hansen’s defense counsel told the court that his interpretation was a misunderstanding, and Judge Brian Cannell ultimately continued the hearing.

On June 26, Walsh told the court he would not prosecute Hansen’s mother no matter how Hansen wished to proceed in the case, and Hansen then requested more time to confer with his attorney; Walsh again reassured Hansen during the hearing on Monday that no charges would be filed against her.

Hansen was arrested on May 14 and is currently being held in the Cache County Jail.

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