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A man accused of evading arrest and assaulting police officers was charged in 1st District Court on Thursday.

Gavin Absalom Sayad-Lowe, 23, faces charges of third-degree assault by prisoner, third-degree possession of a controlled substance, two counts of class-A assault against a police officer and four additional misdemeanors.

Sayad-Lowe was ordered to be held in the Cache County Jail on a no-bail status. Cache County prosecutor Barbara Lachmar told the court Sayad-Lowe was a parolee and the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole was intending to issue a warrant.

On Tuesday, according to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, Logan City Police officers responded to a report of a wanted fugitive, Sayad-Lowe. Police wrote Sayad-Lowe was observed running from apartments and pursuit ensued.

A K-9 was released during the chase, but “did not bite Gavin.” Police handcuffed Sayad-Lowe, saw no injuries, and placed him into a patrol car despite his “resisting and not complying.”

In the patrol car, Sayad-Lowe began kicking a back-passenger door window. He also began kicking at police when they tried to remove him from the car to apply “a hobble on his feet.” Police wrote Sayad-Lowe continued resisting while placed and held on the ground until the resistance stopped.

“Gavin was helped up in a seating position by Officers,” police wrote. “I observed a small cut on his face with some blood under his eyes.”

Though “conscious and breathing,” police wrote a seated Sayad-Lowe stopped “acknowledging anything that was said to him” and “would not respond to any questions.” Paramedics treated Sayad-Lowe at the scene; police wrote Sayad-Lowe was placed on a stretcher and transported to a local hospital.

At the hospital, Sayad-Lowe was initially not responsive to any questions from medical staff but then began kicking and attempting to leave the hospital bed. During the incident, police wrote Sayad-Lowe spit on an officer though he eventually calmed and received stitches for the facial injury.

Police wrote that a backpack believed to belong to Sayad-Lowe was searched — paraphernalia and controlled substances, including purported methamphetamine, were found in the bag.

Sayad-Lowe was convicted in 2016 of third-degree failure to stop at the command of law enforcement. He also has multiple theft convictions since 2016.

Sayad-Lowe is set to appear for continued initial appearance on Oct. 26.

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