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A man accused of campsite thefts was arraigned in 1st District Court on Monday.

Asish R. Gurung, 21, has been charged with two counts of second-degree theft, third-degree burglary, third-degree possession of a controlled substance and five additional misdemeanors.

Cache County Sheriff’s Office deputies allege Gurung stole a vehicle and attempted to steal other items from campsites in Cache County.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, Gurung allegedly stole a vehicle from an Ogden gas station and drove it up Avon Canyon. After driving the vehicle off-road, deputies wrote, Gurung abandoned the vehicle and entered an occupied campsite.

Deputies wrote Gurung attempted to steal a side-by-side ATV and then tried to steal a truck.

“When (Gurung) was unable to get into the vehicle, (Gurung) took the beer out of the cooler that was at the campsite,” deputies wrote. Gurung “then tried to get into the camper which was occupied by one of the victims.”

Deputies wrote the alleged victims retrieved a gun to defend themselves, and Gurung left after the victims told him they would fire the weapon if he entered the camper.

Gurung was then observed at another camp down the road trying to enter a Dodge pickup. Deputies wrote Gurung was unable to get into the truck and instead drove off with a Ford F-350.

He “high centered the vehicle on a mound of dirt,” deputies wrote. “At this time, the victims that owned the vehicle kept (Gurung) there until we arrived.”

Deputies wrote Gurung provided misinformation to law enforcement in an attempt to “try to throw us off.” It’s alleged Gurung tested positive for several controlled substances and attempted to flee from deputies when taken to the restroom.

Gurung was set to make his initial appearance last week, however bailiffs at the Cache County Jail told the court Gurung’s “behavioral problems” would halt his appearance before the court.

Cache County prosecutor Barbara Lachmar told the court on Monday Gurung had been charged with felony theft charges in another court and was currently on pretrial supervision; Lachmar requested Gurung be held without bail.

Judge Brian Cannell agreed to hold Gurung for the time being and asked prosecutors to file a motion for detention if they intended to argue that Gurung be held on a no-bail status.

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