Utah Student Killed

This undated photo provided by Kennedy Stoner shows herself, from left, posing with the late Mackenzie Lueck and Grace Peterson.

The man arrested in connection with the death of MacKenzie Lueck in Salt Lake City last week was once banned from Utah State University over his emigration status, officials said Tuesday.

Ayoola Adisa Ajayi was living in Salt Lake City at the time of his arrest, but he lived in Cache Valley for several years, potentially going back as far as 2009 when he was first enrolled as a student at Utah State University.

According to Utah State University spokesman Tim Vitale, Ajayi enrolled in classes during Fall 2009, Fall 2010 and Spring 2011, but when university police discovered him sleeping in the lounge at San Juan Hall in the spring of 2012, he was not a USU student.

“It appears that Ayoola may be homeless from some of the comments he made and is using USU Housing areas to stay in, as well as still wearing the same clothing he had on when contacted on 5/18/12,” states a police report associated with the incident.

Ajayi was advised at that time that if he was not a student, he couldn’t hang out or sleep in USU buildings or he could be charged with trespassing.

Police say they learned Ajayi was in violation of his visa and they contacted Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Two months later, on July 22, university police were speaking with Ajayi again, this time when he was found in possession of an iPad allegedly stolen from a university staff member with an office on the fourth floor of Old Main.

Ajayi allegedly told police that his mother gave him the iPad and he had no idea why it would be listed as stolen. However, investigating officers positively linked the device to its owner and noted his information had been wiped.

According to police reports, officers made plans to take Ajayi into custody based on his possession of the iPad and his prior dishonest behavior noted in May that year.

Ajayi was later arrested near the Logan City Cemetery and booked into the Cache County Jail on suspicion of possession of stolen property, a class A misdemeanor, but charges were never filed in 1st District Court.

Cache County Attorney James Swink said his office is in the process of researching that case to determine what happened with Ajayi and this case from there.

Regardless, USU formally barred Ajayi from the university on Aug. 8 and advised him he would be charged with trespassing if he returned.

“The ban was put into effect with no reference to an end point,” Vitale said on Tuesday. “The iPad issue (a Class B misdemeanor) was one part of the issues that led to the ban. But there also was an important issue with his immigration status, and some other issues referenced in the (police) reports… by 2015, those issues had been resolved, and he then met the requirements to be readmitted when he applied again.”

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