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A man accused of robbing individuals in downtown Logan while alluding to possessing a firearm in early November was arraigned in 1st District Court on Monday.

Robert Lee Ryan O’Leary, 27, has been charged with four counts of first-degree aggravated robbery in addition to two class-B misdemeanor theft charges.

A probable cause affidavit filed with the court alleges O’Leary approached four victims in a parking lot near 400 East and Main Street in Logan. O’Leary asked the victims if they had marijuana, police wrote, and left after the victims denied having any drugs. The affidavit states O’Leary then returned and told two of the victims they had five seconds to empty their pockets of cash; during the incident, O’Leary behaved as if he had a firearm tucked in his waistband behind his back.

According to a Logan City Police incident report filed with the court this week, video surveillance footage from police pole cameras and a nearby convenience store depicted O’Leary in the area and approaching the alleged victims. The report states O’Leary took a total of $6 — four ones and a two-dollar bill — from the victims during the incident.

The alleged victims told officers O’Leary made statements of “having nothing to live for” or “nothing to lose,” and they were frightened during the incident. One victim, while being resistant to the robbery, told officers O’Leary asked, “Do you want to get shot?” According to the report, other victims did not recall comments about a potential shooting.

Police wrote O’Leary was arrested for another incident and transported to the police department for an interview.

O’Leary denied owning a gun, police wrote, and said he didn’t recall the incident. When the events of the evening were recounted for O’Leary, according to the report, he asked police if he hurt anyone and declined to view surveillance footage.

“I don’t want to see that (expletive),” O’Leary told police.

According to the incident report, O’Leary told officers he had a substance use problem and tends “not to remember, and it’s really scary.”

“Robert said he hoped he didn’t do it,” police wrote.

During his appearance before the court, Judge Angela Fonnesbeck ordered O’Leary to be held pending a motion for detention hearing where Cache County prosecutors will argue for his continued incarceration in jail.

O’Leary is set to appear before the court on Dec. 23.

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