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Charges have been filed against a man accused of kidnapping and assaulting a woman with a “metal skillet.”

Muhannad Khalaf A Alshammari, 23, faces first-degree aggravated kidnapping, three counts of aggravated assault, third-degree tampering with a witness and an additional misdemeanor. Alshammari made his initial appearance for the charges on Friday via video call from the Cache County Jail.

An affidavit filed with the court states the incident occurred in December 2019 after the alleged victim had a short consensual relationship with Alshammari. During a dispute, Logan City Police wrote Alshammari retrieved a “metal skillet” from a kitchen and proceeded to strike the woman with the pan. The alleged victim reported to police that once she pulled the skillet away from Alshammari, he “punched her in the head multiple times.”

According to the affidavit, the woman believed she had sustained an orbital fracture and was also strangled by Alshammari. Photographs of the injuries and health care provider documentation was provided to police.

The alleged victim told police she was held against her will for around six hours but was eventually “let go” after Alshammari “appeared to get tired.” A message Alshammari sent her after the incident stated “he was ‘almost a murderer,’” police wrote, but he stopped short of killing the woman after praying.

“A confrontational text message conversation was conducted with the victim and law enforcement,” police wrote. “During that conversation, Alshammari was deflective in the allegations and denied the strangulation.”

An interview between police and Alshammari was also conducted where he admitted an altercation occurred but said he had sustained injuries and again denied strangulation. He told police he retrieved the skillet “intending to scare the victim,” but it was pulled from him and the alleged victim “hit him with the pan.” Alshammari told police the message sent to the victim was intended to show his anger about the situation.

During Alshammari’s appearance, Cache County prosecutor Jacob Gordon said Alshammari was a foreign national with no community ties and a “terrible flight risk.” The affidavit indicates Alshammari is a flight student in Logan. According to Gordon, Alshammari had also allegedly ingested “THC edibles” prior to the incident and indicated he intended “to murder (the alleged victim) that night.”

During the hearing, Alshammari had his hand raised in an attempt to address the court after hearing the allegations. After Judge Spencer Walsh appointed a public defender, he assured Alshammari that he was presumed innocent in the case until proven guilty.

Alshammari told the court he was sponsored by his nation’s government and they would eventually provide an attorney. He also asked for release from jail to attend to his schooling.

Gordon told the court there was a risk of Alshammari being extracted from the United States if he were to be released, and asked for him to be held on a no-bail status.

Walsh ordered Alshammari to be held without bail temporarily until a bail hearing could be held on June 1.

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