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A California man accused of burglarizing vehicles and stealing financial cards and other items around Cache Valley has been charged in 1st District Court.

Jordan Tymothy Aders, 30, made his initial appearance in court on Wednesday for five theft- and burglary-related cases all alleged to have happened over the past week.

Aders faces seven felonies and 10 misdemeanors spread across the five cases; all the charges were filed with the court on Wednesday prior to his court appearance.

According to multiple affidavits and incident reports filed with the court, Logan City Police officers began investigating two vehicle burglaries where wallets and other items were stolen. No damage was reported to either vehicle; one was believed to be locked whenever parked, and the other had faulty locks that didn’t function.

The alleged victims reported their wallets had been taken and financial cards had been used at stores and restaurants. One alleged victim reported cash and firearm ammunition had also been taken. Police allege Aders purchased a 1-terabyte hard drive at a local electronics store and made purchases at other locations before the cards were cancelled.

Police wrote Aders was contacted by law enforcement while entering a vehicle at his local residence. After allegedly giving officers a “false name,” police wrote Aders’ identity was confirmed, he was detained and the vehicle was searched.

In addition to multiple items from the thefts, police found in the vehicle a stolen license plate and a bike that had been cut from its lock and reported stolen. Police wrote in another affidavit that another bike believed to be stolen by Aders was provided to law enforcement during the execution of the search warrant.

Police wrote Aders has a “huge criminal history,” including felony theft convictions in California within the past decade, and had recently absconded from probation in The Golden State. Court records show Aders was convicted of single counts of theft and burglary in Cache County in 2006 and 2007, respectively.

During his appearance on Wednesday, Aders was ordered to be temporarily held in the Cache County Jail without bail. Judge Angela Fonnesbeck will make determinations on Aders’ further detention on May 3.

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