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A Hyde Park man accused of possessing child sexual abuse material and multiple concealed, “custom-built” cameras was ordered to house arrest after his appearance this week in 1st District Court.

During his appearance on Monday, Kurt Allen Jensen, 62, was allowed to remain out of police custody but with additional release conditions, including home confinement.

Jensen has been charged with 11 second-degree counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. It’s alleged Jensen had multiple concealed cameras installed in places where children frequent in a home. Documents filed with the court allege Jensen was also involved in the distribution of child sexual abuse material.

Jensen was arrested and booked into Cache County Jail on Oct. 7. He was ordered to be released and placed on an ankle monitor, among nine other pretrial release conditions.

During Jensen’s appearance on Monday, Assistant Attorney General Michelle Kfoury said new details surfaced in the case and argued for Jensen to be detained while awaiting trial. Kfoury said images were found on Jensen’s computer from a highly used website known for distributing child sexual abuse material. Also, Kfoury said Jensen was believed to be responsible for all the distribution of child sexual abuse material on that website in the State of Utah.

Defense attorney Cara Tangero disputed the newly revealed details, arguing it would be very difficult to determine if Jensen was, in fact, responsible for all that distribution.

“That’s a real stretch,” Tangero told the court.

Tangero said Jensen was not a flight risk and had complied with the previously imposed pretrial release conditions. According to Tangero, the case will be going to federal court.

“It is going federal,” Tangero told the court. “The question is when.”

Judge Brian Cannell ordered additional home confinement for Jensen with a 30-minute interval for him to walk his dog with a chaperone. He also ordered no internet access whatsoever for Jensen.

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