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A man was arrested on Thursday after a standoff with SWAT at an apartment in Providence.

Cache County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Mikelshan Bartschi said officers responded to a call of an agitated and “volatile” man who had been revived with Narcan after an overdose. The man — a wanted fugitive currently on parole — had stolen a gun from a family member, and proceeded to make various threats towards others.

“He had pointed the gun at another family member,” Bartschi said. “He also started making threats to shoot law enforcement.”

Bartschi said the man refused to exit the apartment. SWAT and other resources responded to the scene, according to Bartschi, and less-than-lethal weapons were prepared in case the man decided to emerge in an attempt to harm.

Some schools in the area were ordered to shelter-in-place, Bartschi said, and were later evacuated and reunited offsite. Another school engaged in a “hall check” during the incident.

“Our negotiator did a phenomenal job,” Bartschi said. “They’re the stars of the day.”

Bartschi said the man was “dead set” on committing violence, but was talked down by negotiators and made the choice to “give up, safely.” Contact was made with the man by phone, Bartschi said, but declined to expound on specifics in the conversation. He said the conversation began with the man making “direct threats” to “shoot and kill” law enforcement.

“He had no intention of being taken alive,” Bartschi said. “Our guys were able to help him realize that that maybe wasn’t the only option.”

The Sheriff’s Office declined to confirm the identity of the man, in an effort to avoid “rewarding their exceptionally poor behavior.”

“They enjoy the notoriety a little too much,” Bartschi said. “It’s part of a recurring theme in training that we’re seeing.”

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