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A man convicted of theft charges in 2016 after defrauding Cache Valley locals appeared in court on Wednesday for allegedly failing to pay restitution and violating parole.

Scott L. Dadah, 53, appeared in 1st District Court via video conference call from the Cache County Jail.

Judge Brian Cannell asked Dadah where he had been for the past 18 months — a warrant was issued for his arrest in March 2019 after Dadah failed to appear for a restitution hearing.

“Home,” Dadah told the court.

Cache County prosecutor Barbara Lachmar told the court Dadah had recently been extradited from Boston, Massachusetts. Kirk Lambert of Adult Probation and Parole told the court that the Cache County Sheriff’s Office had pushed for the extradition and said there may be new charges coming down the pike for Dadah.

Currently, there have been no new charges against Dadah filed with the court. Lachmar said she was unaware of any new cases being screened by prosecutors.

Lambert said Dadah would again be housed as a state inmate and restitution would be handled by the parole board.

Dadah was convicted of three third-degree felonies in November 2016 — one count of theft and two counts of theft by deception — after multiple victims came forward with allegations of being defrauded of their money.

Documents filed with the court state Dadah operated an auto repair shop in Cache Valley under the pseudonym John Newman. Police wrote Dadah had billed a victim’s insurance company over $4,300 for repairs on a pickup but then refused to return the vehicle. The truck was reported stolen, police wrote, and the repairs performed on the truck were not consistent with repairs reported to the insurance company.

Upon investigation, other victims came forward. Police wrote that an employee stated he hadn’t been receiving consistent pay and told officers that things were “getting weird” and that he “did not believe John was his real name.”

Another employee had initially brought her vehicle to Dadah for repairs, police wrote. But when the cost outweighed the value of the vehicle, Dadah offered her a job and put her paychecks toward another vehicle — a vehicle which Dadah never actually owned.

Documents filed with the court show that Dadah wanted to recant his guilty plea and requested Cannell appoint new counsel for him. He was ultimately sentenced to zero-to-five years in the Utah State Prison and ordered to pay over $15,500 in restitution.

At his last hearing in March 2019, court records indicate Dadah did not appear before the court and had not made any payments toward restitution.

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