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A man convicted of sexually assaulting two women was sentenced to jail, probation and sex offender treatment on Monday.

Kaleb Matthew Barclay, 23, was sentenced to 18 months in the Cache County Jail with credit for time served; after the term in jail, he was ordered to complete in-patient sex offender treatment. Consecutive sentences of zero-to-five and one-to-15 years in the Utah State Prison were stayed pending successful completion of probation.

Defense attorney Christian Hansen told the court the sentence was crafted with prosecutors to emphasize treatment while imposing a significant prison sentence should he fail to be successful.

“He’s remorseful for his actions,” Hansen said. “In all candor, I think it’s taken him some time to get there.”

Barclay declined to address the court during the hearing.

One victim, however, did address the court, expressing her belief that Barclay had “a lot of potential” moving forward.

“I do forgive him,” the victim told the court. “I’m mostly concerned for potential victims in the future.”

Cache County prosecutor Dane Murray told the court he was disappointed with Barclay’s decision not to offer an apology during the hearing. Without the victim’s forgiveness and cooperation, Murray said the sentencing recommendation from prosecutors would have been prison.

“She’s a remarkable woman,” Murray told the court.

After sentencing, Judge Brian Cannell expressed concern over the timeline of the offenses — the incidents occurred almost exactly a year apart.

“The anniversary date does seem very peculiar to me,” Cannell said, explaining that any significance that may exist could be handled during treatment.

Cannell set Barclay to appear before the court again on Sept. 27 to determine if he then qualified for work or counseling release.

“If you fail to follow through, sir, I will not hesitate to send you to prison,” Cannell said. “You avoided prison today because a survivor was willing to give you a chance.”

In both cases, authorities alleged Barclay had made forcible sexual advances toward the victims during dates.

In the first case leveled against Barclay, he pleaded guilty to third-degree attempted forcible sexual abuse on Sept. 21. Charges were then filed, alleging Barclay assaulted a second victim just days prior to entering his guilty plea.

Barclay pleaded guilty to second-degree forcible sexual abuse on Nov.16 in the second case. Two identical counts were dismissed.

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