Erasmo Garcia

Erasmo Garcia

LOGAN — In an emotional hearing, a Logan man was sentenced to prison for crimes deemed dangerous to society on Monday.

Erasmo Garcia was sentenced to indeterminate terms of zero to five years in the Utah State Prison for third-degree felony theft and third-degree felony failure to stop or respond at the command of police.

He was sentenced to 364 days in prison for each of four class-A misdemeanor charges, as well as 60 days in prison for a class-B misdemeanor. All sentences were ordered to run concurrently with 60 days credit given for time served.

Defense attorney Bryan Galloway said Garcia wrote four apology letters to victims — one of the letters was addressed to law enforcement. Galloway told the court Garcia knows he has a problem with controlled substances and that there is more to Garcia as a person than his criminal history.

Garcia’s foster mother addressed the court prior to sentencing. She said Garcia came to live in her home around the age of 18 months. She said though Garcia ultimately went back to live with his father, she was still allowed to play a role in his life.

She said Garcia’s behavior is the result of continued interaction with drugs. Though she recognized the severity of the crimes, she told the court she wanted to support him.

“He has a really good heart,” she said. “I love him as though he is my own.”

Cache County prosecutor Griffin Hazard said this was the second time prison was recommended for Garcia by Adult Probation and Parole. He said Garcia had been given numerous opportunities and repeatedly shown that he was a danger to society.

“The state believes that prison,” Hazard said, “is the appropriate sentence.”

Garcia read a tearful statement to the court where he described his behavior as “a long and desperate cry for help.”

Judge Angela Fonnesbeck told the court she believed there are few people beyond the point of redemption and acknowledged that Garcia had redeemable qualities. However, despite opportunities, he continued to make poor decisions up to the day of his arrest.

“You created victims in our community,” Fonnesbeck said.

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