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A man convicted of attempted robbery after an incident involving four victims in downtown Logan was sentenced to probation on Wednesday.

Robert Lee Ryan O’Leary, 27, was sentenced in 1st District Court to two years probation and 172 days in jail with credit for 172 days served.

“This could have been a lot worse,” said Judge Brian Cannell. ”Oftentimes, I’d send someone to prison.”

During O’Leary’s appearance, defense counsel and Cache County prosecutors agreed the case revolved around mental health and substance use. Defense attorney Ryan Holdaway said the “oddities” of the case — specifically, that O’Leary actually gave money back to the victims and left the scene with a total of six dollars — highlighted the attorneys’ perspective.

“You’ve got potential,” Cannell said after sentencing. “You’ve got to do things the right way.”

O’Leary pleaded guilty to two amended third-degree attempted robbery felonies on March 10. Two first-degree aggravated robbery counts and two class-B theft counts were dismissed as part of a plea deal.

Prosecutors alleged O’Leary took the money from the four victims in a downtown parking lot on Nov. 6. In documents filed with the court, police wrote O’Leary approached the victims and asked for marijuana. The victims denied having any, and O’Leary initially left.

However, police wrote O’Leary then returned, behaving like he had a gun tucked in the small of his back, and demanded the victims’ money. The victims told police O’Leary declined to take several $20 bills and instead took a total of $6 from the victims.

O’Leary was picked up for another unrelated incident, police wrote, but said he didn’t remember the encounter with the victims. He told police he had a problem with substance use and tended “not to remember, and it’s really scary.”

Police wrote that while O’Leary hoped he didn’t commit the robbery, video footage from nearby businesses and pole cameras showed him in the area when the incident took place.

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