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New charges have been filed against a massage therapist accused of sexually abusing clients.

Freddy Anthony Perales, 57, was charged in June with first-degree object rape and two counts of second-degree forcible sexual abuse. On Thursday, two felony cases were filed involving new alleged victims.

One case alleges three charges: first-degree object rape and two counts of second-degree forcible sexual abuse alleged to have happened in 2016. A probable cause affidavit filed with the 1st District Court states the alleged victim was referred to Perales by family members after “an emotional loss of a close family member.” The document also states she previously knew Perales as a “karate instructor.” Police wrote Perales inappropriately touched the victim in multiple areas.

Another case alleges three additional charges of second-degree forcible sexual abuse happened in 2017. A probable cause affidavit states a separate victim received a shoulder adjustment from Perales and he offered additional massage services at a lower-than-usual rate. Police wrote the first massage from Perales was performed without incident, but the second and third appointment involved inappropriate touching. Police wrote Perales asked the victim about her relationship status and “intimate activity history,” which he explained was the cause of “negative energy.”

Both affidavits state the new alleged victims came forward after learning Perales had been booked in the Cache County Jail for allegedly sexually assaulting another woman in Logan. According to the document, Perales told police there could be a “handful” of other people in Utah and California who may make similar accusations. Perales said neither one of the aforementioned victims were included in the “handful” he previously referenced, police wrote.

Perales was booked into the Cache County Jail on June 29 after making an unscheduled initial appearance in court the same day. Defense attorney Shannon Demler told the court that Perales, after learning of the first case, drove from California to Utah to address the issue. He was booked and released on $40,000 bondable bail and ordered not to leave the Cache Valley area.

Perales is not licensed as a massage therapist in Utah, but he is licensed in the State of California, according to prosecutors. During his initial appearance, Judge Brian Cannell ordered Perales not to perform any massage treatments.

Perales is slated to appear in court in August for a decision to prelim hearing on the first case.

Warrants have been issued for Perales’ arrest.

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