Minivan found stuck offroad on Highline Trail

For those uninitiated — you can’t drive on the Highline Trail.

On Sept. 24, a minivan was found stuck on the Highline Trail near First Dam. According to Logan City Police, a female driver and male passenger were traveling south down the trail’s switchbacks when their van got stuck on the retaining wall. Though he wasn’t certain, Assistant Chief Jeff Simmons said the drivers may have been driving from Green Canyon.

Simmons said, initially, a tow truck was called to pull the vehicle off of the trail.

“The tow truck actually slid off the trail,” Simmons said. A backhoe and skid-steer from the City of Logan were then utilized to pull both vehicles off the trail.

Simmons said when the two vehicle operators were approached by law enforcement, the male fled on foot and the female was charged with criminal trespassing and operating a vehicle without insurance.

The male has not yet been located.

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