A singular marijuana-related charge against four Utah State University athletes has been dropped.

On Jan. 23, Judge Lee Edwards dismissed the charge without prejudice, according to documents filed in the 1st District Court.

Cache County prosecutor Jacob Gordon told The Salt Lake Tribune that while there was probable cause to support the arrests and citations of the athletes, there wasn’t enough evidence to go to trial.

On Dec. 14, police responded to a call reporting marijuana being smoked at Millennium Towers. According to an affidavit for a search warrant, in the early morning of Dec. 15, officers allegedly smelled marijuana and requested warrants for urine analysis of the athletes. The individuals inside the apartment told police there was marijuana in the apartment earlier that day, but was “all gone now,” police wrote.

The players tested positive for a THC metabolite and were given citations resulting in Class-B misdemeanor charges. None of them were taken into police custody.

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