PRESTON, Idaho — Marlin McQueen, 35, Preston, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in district court Thursday before Judge Mitchell Brown. The new charge comes with a minimum sentence of 10 years prison but may be as high as a life sentence, Judge Brown told McQueen.

The plea was made after Franklin County Prosecutor Vic Pearson made the motion to reduce the charge from the first-degree murder charge McQueen originally received upon his arrest last January for stabbing to death Wilden Lovin, 31, in Lovin’s Franklin County home on Jan. 26.

Judge Brown scheduled McQueen’s sentencing for Oct. 31, giving the court time to conduct a pre-sentencing investigation and hear arguments related to McQueen’s defense. A report of those findings is due Oct. 24.

Family members of both McQueen and Lovin attended the court proceedings today.

“Nothing can be said,” said Lovin’s mother, Lorraine Hobbs. But she expressed her appreciation for the work done to bring justice by local law enforcement officers, “especially Karen Hatch and Sheriff Fryar,” she said.

McQueen was returned to Cache County Jail, where he has been incarcerated since his arrest.

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