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A Richmond man was arrested on Thursday for allegedly assisting in a Garden City theft of $50,000 in cash and several other items.

Kadeen Jade Bingham, 23, faces first-degree aggravated burglary and second-degree theft — charges that were filed in February. If convicted, Bingham could face life in prison.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the 1st District Court, the victim reported a forceful break-in of her home on Feb. 8. She told police the burglars created a large hole in the back of her closet, which shares a wall with a storage warehouse.

The victim told police a safe, which had recently been installed in the closet, was taken, containing $50,000 cash from her husband’s life insurance policy, several boxes of handgun ammunition, two rings, credit cards and several other items. The victim told police that Jesse Carlon of Dingle, Idaho, installed the safe and assured her it was impregnable.

“Carlton told her that the safe was very secure and that to steal the safe someone would have to break into the warehouse and kick a (hole) in the wall in the back of the closet,” police wrote.

Carlton was interviewed by deputies and admitted to the burglary and theft. He identified two other men who participated in theft — Gage Shayne Ewing of Smithfield and Bingham. Carlton told police he acted as a driver and lookout while Ewing and Bingham kicked in the wall and stole the items. Carlton also told police Bingham had in his possession a .380 handgun during the burglary.

Carlton said the stolen items were taken to a residence in Preston. According to the returns on executed search warrants, deputies found a male wedding ring, parts of a matching safe, a USB drive with photos of the victim’s family, and other items believed to be connected to the theft. The warrants did not specify the $50,000 had been recovered.

All charges were dropped against Ewing due to a lack of evidence. Carlton pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary; he was sentenced to 150 days in the Rich County Jail with credit for 100 days served in addition to 36 months probation.

A warrant was issued for Bingham’s arrest on Feb. 11. He is currently being held in the Cache County Jail.

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