Aaron Robison

Aaron Robison

LOGAN — On Monday, sentencing was delayed for an indeterminate amount of time for a defendant in multiple sexual abuse cases. Instead, Judge Mitchell Brown of the 6th district of Idaho will reimpose judgement on Aaron Robison in a related case on Friday.

It is expected that Brown will have Robsion complete up to nine months in the Idaho rider treatment program, after which Brown will decide whether he will impose probation or prison as a sentence for Robison. Defense attorney Wayne Caldwell said to the court there is a four to five month wait to get into the program. Robison will be in the Caribou County jail until he is accepted into treatment.

In interviews with The Herald Journal, both the prosecution and defense attorneys confirmed the state was recommending Robison’s sentence be served at the Northern Utah Community Correctional Center. As it stands currently, however, NUCCC is only accepting parolees into its program. Because Robison could not be accepted into NUCCC, Brown had to reimpose judgement in the related case.

Victims in the case were present at the hearing on Monday but declined to address the court until Robison’s sentencing.

“They are understandably frustrated,” said prosecuting attorney Spencer Walsh to the court.

Walsh said to the court that one of the victims saw Robison wink at her from the jury box during the hearing. Walsh asked that Judge Thomas L. Willmore admonish Robison for the alleged incident. Willmore told Robison that his letters of support claiming he was being “persecuted” by the justice system needed to cease — adding that all the letters were written in the same “print.”

“They better stop the victim-blaming,” Willmore said, explaining the facts of the case were that Robison pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual abuse.

Willmore also chastised some seated in the gallery for poor courtroom etiquette during the hearing.

“I don’t understand why you can’t keep your mouths shut when you come to court,” Willmore said. “You need to keep your mouth shut.”

On Aug. 12, Aaron Robison pleaded guilty to two counts of forcible sexual abuse and two counts of sexual battery in four separate cases. All the charges are second degree felonies, however the sexual battery charges were amended to class A misdemeanors. A single related case is ongoing in Idaho. Robison is a former military servicemember who, according to defense attorney Wayne Caldwell, suffers PTSD. Both Caldwell and prosecuting attorney Dane Murray said Robison has been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury — the injury occurred after the incidents of sexual abuse but prior to the allegations.

Robison’s time in treatment will also inform sentencing in the related cases in Utah. Willmore said there is up to 30 years of prison looming over Robison in Utah should he fail to succeed in treatment.