Police in Logan say they are investigating a report made by a Smithfield woman who said she was stabbed multiple times Tuesday night by an assailant who has not yet been identified.

Capt. Curtis Hooley said the incident was first reported at about 8:30 p.m. Smithfield Police and medical personnel responded to the woman’s home in Smithfield before learning the incident may not have taken place at that location.

Logan officers made contact with the woman at short time later at Logan Regional Hospital, where she told them she had gone to the area of Hobby Lobby at about 7:45 p.m., where she reportedly parked her car.

Capt. Curtis Hooley said a man wearing a black hoodie that covered his face reportedly approached the passenger side of the woman’s car and compelled her to roll down the window and when she did so, he forced his way into her car.

The woman told police that the man was saying things to her that implied he knew her, although the woman was not able to identify him, police said. The man reportedly then forced her to take her own medication before stabbing her 10-15 times with some kind of bladed instrument, Hooley said.

The woman’s injuries are described as small puncture-type wounds that are not very deep, from her shin to her chest.

Hooley said the woman was still hospitalized on Wednesday but police will continue to work with the woman in an effort to determine exactly what happened and who might have been responsible.

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