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Devon Scott Thornock, 39, pleaded not guilty to a single count of second-degree aggravated assault after being bound over for trial on Monday.

Thornock appeared in 1st District Court via video call from the Utah State Prison for a preliminary hearing, where Cache County prosecutors presented testimony from the alleged victim and a responding officer.

The alleged victim — age 55 at the time of the incident — told the court he was in a carport with friends when he bent down to pick something off the ground and received a blow to the side of the head. The alleged victim told the court he did not see who struck him or what he was hit with, but doctors confirmed “it wasn’t with a fist.” According to testimony, a hammer was found on the ground and a witness to the incident confirmed Thornock as the perpetrator though the alleged victim could not positively identify him.

According to prosecutors, the alleged victim sustained eye socket damage, including orbital maxillary fractures requiring reconstructive surgery, as well as cognitive injuries.

“I’m unable to concentrate, pay attention to what’s going on,” the alleged victim told the court.

Judge Brandon Maynard found probable cause for one charge against Thornock and dismissed one infraction for disorderly conduct.

Thornock is set to appear on May 17 for a pretrial conference.

Charles Allan Olson, 43, was set to appear for a preliminary hearing during his 1st District Court appearance on Monday.

Olson will appear in court on May 17 where Cache County prosecutors will present their evidence, and a judge will determine if probable cause exists for the charges leveled against him.

Olson faces one count of first-degree aggravated kidnapping and 10 counts of second-degree child abuse for allegedly inflicting injuries on several children during episodes of physical punishment. Cache County prosecutors allege Olson utilized multiple implements crafted for the purpose of imposing punishment on the children; an affidavit filed with the court states the sticks had names including “old bamboo,” “solid truth,” “egg beater,” and “sammy kablame.”

Olson was booked into jail on Feb. 26 and later released on $5,000 bail.

Linsie Diane Thornock, 38, made her initial appearance in 1st District Court on Wednesday for one count of second-degree forcible sexual abuse.

During Thornocks’s appearance, defense counsel requested an in-person preliminary hearing. Because COVID-19 restrictions still inhibit in-person proceedings in the court, the case was set for a decision to prelim hearing on June 23.

An affidavit filed with the court alleges Thornock inappropriately touched an 18-year-old resident of a treatment facility after engaging in a sexual conversation with the alleged victim. Police wrote Thornock, who was employed at the facility, had twice been “written up for having inappropriate relationships with students.” Thornock’s employment was terminated the day the incident was reported, according to the affidavit.

When interviewed by law enforcement, however, Thornock “confirmed many events surrounding the incident,” police wrote, “but continued to deny having any sexual contact with (the alleged victim).”

Vanessa Silva, 38, has been charged in 1st District Court with counts of second-degree theft and third-degree false evidence of title and registration.

An affidavit filed with the court alleges Silva took a car from her ex-husband and sold it “for scrap metal.” When interviewed by Smithfield Police officers, Silva admitted to selling the car and to forging signatures on the title.

The charges against Silva were filed on Friday. An initial appearance has yet to be slated.

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