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Chaz Yoyo Redfearn, 28, pleaded guilty to amended charges on Monday stemming from a police chase and a golf course wreck that happened last week.

Redfearn pleaded guilty to one third-degree felony and a misdemeanor for the incident. One felony and four misdemeanors were dismissed as part of a plea deal.

Redfearn offered mea culpas to the court, police and the golf course — explaining he crashed onto the green in order to avoid hitting a human being.

Documents filed with the court state Redfearn evaded police multiple times in a vehicle before driving into a fence at the Logan River Golf Course. Police wrote he drove an estimated 50 yards on the course before crashing into another section of fence. He merged back onto the roadway and crashed into a sign.

Redfearn is set to be sentenced on June 7.

George Joseph Wilson, 81, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to one count of first-degree aggravated sexual abuse of a child.

As part of a plea agreement, three identical first-degree counts were dismissed and Cache County prosecutors agreed to recommend 6-years-to-life in prison allowing for the possibility of parole.

Prosecuting attorney Barbara Lachmar told the court Wilson went to the Cache County Sheriff’s complex and disclosed several incidents of abuse involving multiple children in several counties including Cache. Lachmar said Wilson had also been convicted of similar offenses in Alaska in the 1980s.

Lachmar asked for Wilson to immediately remand himself to the jail, but Judge Brian Cannell allowed Wilson to remain out of custody due to his conformity to pretrial supervision.

“I wish all my clients were as compliant,” Wilson’s attorney, Mike Studebaker, said.

Wilson is set to be sentenced on June 16.

Richard Royal Cornell, 73, was granted his motion to be appointed new legal counsel on Wednesday. Cornell filed the motion earlier this month on his own behalf, circumventing his attorney, requesting the change.

During Cornell’s appearance on Wednesday, Judge Brian Cannell appointed attorney Shannon Demler to assist Cornell going forward, provided it was understood defendants don’t dictate who the court appoints as counsel.

Cornell’s motion enumerates several reasons for requesting a new public defender, though some reasons appear to contain inaccuracies regarding prior court proceedings. Cornell wrote he has maintained his intent to proceed to trial despite negotiations between attorneys to reach a resolution.

“I have said all along that I was going to trial!” Cornell wrote. “I do not what an attorney who is not willing to fight for my aquittal (sic).”

Cornell was charged in March 2020 with two counts of first-degree forcible sodomy, two counts of second-degree forcible sexual abuse, and single first-degree counts of object rape and attempted forcible sodomy.

Documents filed with the court allege Cornell sexually assaulted a then 19-year-old. The alleged victim reported Cornell initially began tickling her on a bed before escalating to forcible acts of sexual abuse.

Cornell has been held without bail since March 2020. On March 24, over a year after his initial arrest, Cannell ordered Cornell to be maintained in custody despite arguments from counsel for Cornell’s release.

Cornell was set to appear before the court again on June 2.

Jordan Tymothy Aders, 30, made his initial appearance on Friday for two new theft cases filed with the 1st District Court.

In the new cases Aders faces misdemeanor theft charges; another pending second-degree stolen vehicle case has also been filed, though Aders has yet to make an initial appearance in that case.

Documents filed with the court allege Aders purchased items at a Walmart location with a stolen credit card and also took items without paying. Police wrote Aders recently came to visit Cache Valley from California, where he is on felony probation.

“While here,” police wrote, “he went on a crime spree.”

Aders was arraigned on five theft and burglary cases on Wednesday. Cache County prosecutors allege Aders burglarized two vehicles and stole wallets containing financial cards. Documents filed with the court allege he used the cards at various stores and restaurants before the cards were cancelled.

Aders is currently being held without bail and is set to appear before the court again on May 3.

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