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Zachary Aaron Kidd, 36, was granted release from jail on Wednesday to receive treatment at an inpatient facility.

Kidd was arrested and booked into jail on Feb. 1 after notifying police of an “active bomb threat” at the 1st District Courthouse. He was charged with a single count of second-degree threat of terrorism; by the letter of the law, he could face 1-15 years in the Utah State Prison if convicted.

During his appearance in 1st District Court, defense counsel told the court Kidd had a spot available at a treatment facility. Due to COVID-19 restrictions at the facility, attorney Herm Olsen told the court Kidd would have to stay at a hotel for a week before being admitted.

“I do feel Mr. Kidd needs that help,” said Judge Brian Cannell, after ordering Kidd’s release.

Kidd is set to appear before the court again on May 5.

John Joseph Sharkey, 43, was arraigned on a new felony assault charge on Monday and had a preliminary hearing for a prior assault case rescheduled on Tuesday.

Sharkey was charged with third-degree assault by prisoner in 1st District Court. Deputies allege Sharkey and Arthel Martin — an inmate serving a prison sentence for attempted murder — got into an altercation over a television on Feb. 17.

In an affidavit filed with the court, deputies wrote Martin spat in Sharkey’s face and asked to “continue the conversation in the shower.”

“It is common knowledge in the jail that going to the shower means that there is going to be a physical altercation where it is out of normal sight of jail staff,” deputies wrote, going on to describe a mutual combat situation.

Martin, 56, was charged with similar crimes on Friday.

In a separate case, Sharkey has been charged with numerous felonies following an alleged assault of a woman in Rich County. He was supposed to appear for a preliminary hearing on Tuesday; the hearing was cancelled hours before it was to take place and reset for March 9.

Tanner Paul Clark, 23, appeared in 1st District Court virtually from the Cache County Jail on Wednesday. He faces seven counts of enticing a minor: one second-degree felony and six third-degree felonies.

During Clark’s appearance, defense counsel told the court a resolution in the case was nearly completed but they were waiting on a pending case in Farmington to be resolved first.

Clark was convicted of sex crimes involving minors in the 2nd District Court in 2019; court documents show he was sentenced to 90 days in jail and a term of probation. Clark was charged in the 1st District on Jan. 6 after allegedly trying to meet up with a minor at a Cache Valley church parking lot after presenting himself online as a 17-year-old from Brigham City.

Deputies wrote the alleged victim went to the meeting location with friends, Clark messaged her to come to his car located across the parking lot, and she declined while instructing Clark to come over to her.

“(The victim) stated that at this time he saw her friends and took off,” deputies wrote. (The victim’s) friends followed Tanner and took pictures of his vehicle, license plate, and took a video of him while he was trying to hide his face with his hand.”

Clark is set to appear in 1st District Court on March 17.

Payden Hendershot, 21, appeared in 1st District Court on Monday and was denied pretrial release.

Hendershot faces two counts of first-degree object rape, two counts of first-degree forcible sodomy, third-degree distribution of a controlled substance and an additional misdemeanor.

During Hendershot’s appearance, Cache County prosecutors argued for his further detention in jail, citing the allegations in the case and potential risk to the community and victims if he were to be released. Defense counsel told the court Hendershot maintained the incidents were consensual, that he had familial support and a job waiting for him if released on pretrial supervision.

Judge Brandon Maynard found there was “substantial danger” posed if Hendershot were to be released and ordered him to remain in jail.

Authorities allege Hendershot sexually assaulted six teenage individuals, often while under the influence of alcohol and/or controlled substances. In an affidavit filed with the court, deputies wrote Hendershot provided controlled substances to minors and admitted to sexual activity with victims but stated it was consensual. Deputies wrote that additional charges are likely because interviews with alleged victims yielded names of other potential victims.

Hendershot is set to appear before the court on March 8.

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