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Obten Lather, 18, appeared in court on Tuesday and was slated to appear for a preliminary hearing on June 29.

Lather has been charged with first-degree burglary and two counts of third-degree aggravated assault. Police allege Lather entered an apartment and threatened to kill two men with a 3-inch steak knife.

Lather was arrested on May 20 and is currently being held the Cache County Jail.

Brayden Kersavage, 19, appeared in court on Monday and a preliminary hearing was slated for July 21.

Kersavage has been charged in 1st District Court with 20 second-degree counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. The charges were filed on Jan. 13.

According to an affidavit for a search warrant filed with the court, Kersavage’s school email account contained emails related to a Twitter profile associated with sexually explicit material involving children. Police wrote that 250 files were associated with the Twitter account, the majority of which contained exploitative material.

While surveilling Kersavage’s home, police called a phone number associated with the Twitter account and “asked to speak with Mike.” The receiver of the call told police they had the wrong number and stated his name was Brayden.

During his hearing on Monday, defense counsel asked the court for permission for Kersavage to access the internet for school purposes. Judge Angela Fonnesbeck allowed internet access on the condition of warrantless seizures.

Alexander Caleb Perkins, 37, made his continued initial appearance on Monday and a decision to prelim hearing for Perkins was set for June 24.

Perkins faces one first-degree count of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and one first-degree count of child kidnapping.

Cache County prosecutors allege Perkins simulated sex with a 10-year-old while clothed; the incident was captured on a home security camera. Police wrote in documents filed with the court that the victim frantically tried to escape Perkins, who proceeded to bite and fondle the victim.

During Perkins’ hearing on Monday, defense attorney Brian Craig asked to waive the preliminary hearing in the case. Attorney Shannon Demler interjected, stating that he had been contacted by Perkins to take over the case and felt uncomfortable with the preliminary hearing being waived. Perkins told the court he had been “misled” by Craig and didn’t believe he was capable of handling the case but wasn’t able to formally swap attorneys.

Ronnel Dexter Rosari Nagtalon, 31, made his continued initial appearance on Monday for charges of sexual exploitation of a minor. A preliminary hearing was set for June 24.

Nagtalon faces five second-degree counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and a class-C tobacco related charge.

Documents filed with the court allege Nagtalon assisted a 15-year-old runaway withdraw money she was given in exchange for sexually explicit photos and videos of themself. Funds were given to the 15-year-old through various payment apps; it’s alleged the money was transferred to Nagtalon, who would make withdrawals and take an estimated 20 percent, according to deputies.

Mark Denton Phipps, 58, was charged on Thursday with six counts of violation of a protective order, a third-degree felony.

Cache County deputies allege Phipps mailed a book containing “Friends Forever” quotes to the alleged victim. A probable cause statement filed with the 1st District Court states Phipps sent the victim invitations on Pinterest in addition to phone messages; the content of these messages, however, is unclear in the affidavit.

Phipps told the court on Wednesday that his actions were the result of a broken heart and trying to process his current situation. Defense attorney Shannon Demler asked the court for Phipps’ release due to medical reasons and lack of threat.

“I don’t think he’s a danger,” Demler said, but stated the threat of COVID-19 posed a danger for his client.

Judge Brian Cannell agreed to release Phipps only if certain medications were not made accessible to Phipps by the end of Friday. If the medications were available, Cannell said, Phipps would remain incarcerated.

Phipps also faces a count of third-degree stalking and a count of class-A distribution of an intimate image in a separate case. The case was filed on May 14 and involves the same alleged victim as the aforementioned case. An affidavit filed in conjunction with the case details several instances of stalking by Phipps and states he has a documented history of stalking women he is in a relationship with.

Phipps was charged in four felony stalking cases in 2016 comprised of seven third-degree stalking charges. Phipps pleaded not guilty to the charges and all the cases were eventually dismissed.

Phipps is currently incarcerated in the Cache County Jail. He is slated to appear in court on June 23.

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