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Donald Trevor Hansen, 32, appeared in 1st District Court on Wednesday for a status hearing on five pending cases.

During time scheduled for a preliminary hearing on June 18, Hansen began the process of entering a guilty plea to various charges. However, Hansen told the judge he was being threatened into entering the plea. Hansen told the court that prosecutors told him if he did not plead guilty, they would prosecute his mother. Judge Brian Cannell “pressed the pause button” and declined to accept any plea if it wasn’t clearly of his own volition.

During Wednesday’s status hearing, Cache County prosecutor Spencer Walsh addressed the issue and said he would not pursue charges against Hansen’s mother.

“No matter what you decide to do,” Walsh said to Hansen during the Webex hearing, “I’m not going to prosecute your mom.”

Hansen apologized to the court and thanked Walsh, but asked for more time to confer with his attorney; he said the new information “changes things.” Hansen has said in prior hearings that he was guilty of certain acts, but not child abuse.

“I would never hurt my daughter,” Hansen told the court.

Hansen faces one count of second-degree child abuse, four counts of third-degree violation of a protective order and two counts of third-degree tampering with a witness in addition to other felonies and misdemeanors.

Travis Scott Murray, 40, of Malad City, Idaho, made his initial appearance for sexual extortion charges on Tuesday.

Murray has been charged with four third-degree felonies: sexual extortion with intent to coerce, stalking, and two counts of distribution of pornography by an adult. He also faces two class-A misdemeanor counts of voyeurism.

An affidavit for an arrest warrant filed with the 1st District Court states Murray surreptitiously took photos of a Cache Valley resident performing oral sex. It’s alleged he threatened to leak the photos if the 26-year-old victim didn’t perform sexually on a video chat. The alleged victim provided 417 screenshots to deputies of harassing behavior.

During Murray’s appearance on Tuesday, Judge Edwin Peterson said Murray faced up to 22 years in the Utah State Prison and scheduled a bail hearing for June 30 to discuss possibilities of release.

Bryan P. Ash, 56, was slated to appear for a preliminary hearing on July 7.

Ash faces one count of second-degree attempted aggravated assault and three additional misdemeanors related to an incident on June 4.

North Park Police Department officers wrote Ash had broken into an RV he allegedly owned and had an altercation with a woman occupying the RV. After entering, the woman kicked him in the face and strangled him with a “rear naked choke.” It’s alleged Ash exited the RV and threatened to kill the woman while spilling gasoline on the outside of the RV.

Ash is currently being held in the Cache County Jail on no bail.

Jerry Dean Rice, 51, appeared in 1st District Court on Monday via video conferencing.

During the hearing, Rice’s defense attorneys told the court they would be filing a motion with the court to dismiss Rice’s charges.

Rice was charged in October 2019 with with 10 first-degree felonies: five counts of rape of a child and five counts of sodomy on a child. Rice is currently being held in the Weber County Jail on unrelated controlled substance charges.

A pretrial conference was scheduled for July 6.

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