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Scott Garza, 37, appeared in 1st District Court for his initial appearance for numerous alleged sex crimes on Wednesday.

Garza has been charged with 20 first-degree felonies: 10 counts of rape of a child and 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse of child.

An affidavit filed with the court states Smithfield Police officers began investigating the sexual assault of a 13-year-old victim that resulted in a pregnancy. Police wrote Garza “nodded yes” when questioned by officers about the alleged sexual assault, but invoked his right to an attorney and did not verbally admit to the allegations.

Garza is currently being held in the Cache County Jail and is set to appear for a detention hearing on May 5.

Raymond Andrew Castaneda, 24, pleaded guilty to first-degree attempted rape, third-degree attempted forcible sexual abuse and third-degree aggravated assault.

Defense attorney Wayne Caldwell told the court the charges in the first case were amended as part of the plea deal to avoid mandatory minimum sentencing issues. Castaneda had been initially charged with kidnapping, assault and forcible sexual abuse for restraining, hitting and inappropriately touching the victim in the case.

Castaneda was arrested, booked into the Cache County Jail and eventually released on bail until additional, more severe charges were filed involving a separate alleged sexual assault victim; the incident reportedly occurred one day prior to the date alleged in the first case. As part of a plea agreement, however, the second case has been wholly dismissed.

Cache County prosecutor Griffin Hazard told the court the state would recommend 18 months in jail, backdated to June 1, in lieu of prison at sentencing.

Castaneda has been held in jail since Oct. 26, 2019, despite motions for bail and dismissal of the cases due to alleged constitutional rights violations.

Castaneda is set to be sentenced on May 10.

Daniel Gene Heyworth, 21, pleaded guilty in 1st District Court to counts of third-degree aggravated assault and attempted mayhem on Wednesday. Four additional misdemeanors were dismissed as part of a plea agreement.

Cache County prosecutors told the court Heyworth had engaged in a physical altercation with the victim resulting in lacerations and other injuries. Documents filed with the court state Heyworth “unlawfully and intentionally” attempted to “deprive another of his eyes.”

“He was gouging out the victim’s eyes,” prosecutor Barbara Lachmar told the court.

It was also alleged Heyworth fought with officers who responded to the scene.

Heyworth is set to be sentenced on May 26.

James Corey Paddock, 34, was charged in 1st District Court on Monday with second-degree burglary and an additional misdemeanor and infraction.

On March 26, an affidavit filed with the court states Paddock approached a man outside of his home while taking out the trash. The alleged victim told police Paddock addressed him in a “threatening manner” and the man retreated to his home to produce a firearm. Police wrote Paddock followed the man into the home by breaking the glass out of the front door.

When police responded to the scene, Paddock was being held at gunpoint by the alleged victim, who said he had never met Paddock prior to the incident.

Police wrote Paddock admitted to breaking into the home to confront a man he believed was having a sexual relationship with his girlfriend, but misidentified the alleged victim for the actual illicit partner.

“I messed up really bad,” Paddock told the court during his initial appearance.

During Paddock’s appearance in court, he was granted release from the jail on an ankle monitor and pretrial supervision. He is set to appear before in court again on April 19.

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