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Cory L Bradford, 59, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to two counts of class-A lewdness involving a child.

Per a plea agreement, the charges were reduced from third-degree felonies, and two class-B misdemeanor lewdness charges were dismissed. According to documents filed with the court, Bradford approached two 13-year-old females in a local store and masturbated in their presence.

Court records show Bradford was convicted in Utah of a similar charge in 1995.

Bradford is set to be sentenced on May 5.

Payden Hunter Hendershot, 21, was set to appear for a preliminary hearing for a pending sexual assault case on March 15.

Hendershot faces two counts of first-degree object rape, two counts of first-degree forcible sodomy, one count of third-degree distribution of a controlled substance and an additional misdemeanor. Authorities allege Hendershot provided controlled substances and sexually assaulted multiple alleged victims.

In an affidavit filed with the court, deputies wrote Hendershot was under the influence of both alcohol and controlled substances during some of the alleged assaults and conceded he may have misinterpreted consent.

Hendershot is currently being held in the Cache County Jail.

Charles Allan Olson, 43, was granted release from jail on Monday after defense counsel challenged the merit of the charges leveled against him.

Olson faces one count of first-degree aggravated kidnapping and 10 counts of second-degree child abuse.

Defense attorney Wayne Caldwell argued that state law does allow for implements to be used to discipline children in certain contexts and the kidnapping charge did not apply to a person in Olson’s position. Caldwell also told the court Olson was employed locally and wasn’t a danger to the community.

Judge Brandon Maynard found there was substantial evidence for all the charges, but granted his release with $5,000 bail and other pretrial release conditions.

Olson is set to appear before the court again on April 12.

Hugo Miramontes, 18, had his sentencing in several matters postponed on Monday after he pleaded guilty to additional charges.

Miramontes pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of obstructing justice and criminal mischief. Prosecutors alleged Miramontes — who had been released from jail with supervision in prior court cases — cut off his ankle monitor.

Miramontes faces 10 pending cases, some including theft and assault charges.

He is set to be sentenced on April 19 and is currently being held in the Cache County Jail.

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