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Travis D. Goodwin, 53, was sentenced to 180 days in jail on Wednesday for a controlled substance misdemeanor that violated his probation in several mail theft cases from last year.

During Goodwin’s appearance, he told the court he wanted to attend a treatment program to help him transition back into society, which he said was a problem he’d faced in the past.

“Too much happens too fast,” Goodwin told the court.

Cache County prosecutor Barbara Lachmar recommended the 180-day sentence to include work search and work release for the first 90 days. If Goodwin did well in those first 90 days, Lachmar said he could then be considered for release to an in-patient program.

“He talks a good game,” Lachmar said, but explained that he hadn’t followed through in the past.

Judge Brian Cannell imposed the recommended sentence and set a review hearing on Aug. 11.

“That is a gift,” Cannell told Goodwin.

Goodwin was convicted in multiple mail theft cases last year and sentenced to 172 days in jail and probation.

Mathew Allan Jester, 25, had his sentencing in a physical assault case postponed on Monday after Judge Brandon Maynard ordered a second competency evaluation.

Jester pleaded no contest to an amended count of third-degree aggravated assault in October after being evaluated by the Utah State Hospital and declared competent to stand trial.

During his appearance in court on Monday, Jester read a letter to Maynard stating he had been hypnotized and was being forced to think and behave in certain ways. He told the judge he had witnessed a murder, that the people behind his hypnosis had hypnotized others and they were trying to harm him. Jester also stated he was being abused by jail staff and needed to be placed in a witness protection program.

After several minutes of reading and speaking about the contents of the letter, Jester was ordered to receive a second evaluation and appointed a public defender. Jester’s prior attorney recently requested to be released from the case after Jester failed to appear in court.

Jester is set to appear in court again on July 12. He is currently being held in the Cache County Jail.

Michael Ross Jenkins, 53, made his initial appearance on counts of third-degree burglary and second-degree theft on Wednesday.

Cache County Sheriff’s Office deputies allege Jenkins stole a vehicle from a residence; after the alleged theft, Jenkins called deputies and said he had worked out ownership of the vehicle in divorce proceedings.

An affidavit states the vehicle theft was reported by an individual who saw the truck speeding away and the vehicle was titled and registered to another person.

During his appearance before the court, Jenkins elected to represent himself, stating he was educated, well aware of his rights and had been before the court before. Jenkins asked the Cache County prosecutors if they weren’t going to dismiss the case outright and not waste everyone’s time. Jenkins also alluded to misconduct on behalf of the officers involved in the case.

Judge Brian Cannell told Jenkins to make his arguments through written motions and set him to appear before the court again on June 2.

Luis Alfredo Maldanado, 30, appeared in court on Wednesday for an aggravated robbery case alleged to have happened last year.

During his appearance, defense counsel entered pleas of not guilty and asked for a continuance in order to see how the court would sentence a co-defendant in the case. He was set to appear again on June 23.

Cache County prosecutors allege Maldanado and Matthew Kay Archuleta, 27, were involved in a pair of firearm-related incidents on Oct. 13. Documents filed with the court allege Maldanado and a teenage minor used guns to rob individuals at a local Burger King. Shortly thereafter, the three males were driving and a gun was pointed at occupants in a nearby vehicle.

Archuleta pleaded guilty to charges related only to the second incident; all charges related to his alleged involvement in the Burger King robbery were dismissed. However, his sentencing was postponed as a result of a pre-sentence report that focused primarily on the armed robbery.

Archuleta is set to be sentenced on June 16.

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