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Donald Trever Hansen, 32, will now face six additional felonies in addition to child abuse and assault cases filed earlier this week.

Hansen faces four counts of violation of a protective order and two counts of witness tampering, all of which are third-degree felonies. The charges were filed on Thursday.

It’s alleged Hansen asked a family member to reach out to the alleged victims in the aforementioned cases. Using expletives and pejoratives, it’s alleged Hansen instructed the family member to tell the victim to “tell the (expletive) truth.” It’s also alleged by deputies that Hansen reached out to the child victim through the family member in an attempt to manipulate her into changing her story.

“He stated to tell her that he is just super sad that she would ever say that he would try to hurt her and that he hopes she knows it was an accident,” deputies wrote.

Quinton Lopez, 24, was arrested on Thursday for suspected misdemeanor assault and felony child abuse.

Logan City Police officers allege three separate incidents involving physical abuse against a woman. According to a probable cause statement filed with the 1st District Court, Lopez twice “picked the victim up by her arms” and threw her. The alleged victim told police Lopez once hit her in the face, blackening her eye, and punched her legs causing “extensive redness,” “swelling” and difficulty walking. Lopez told police “he threw his arms in the air” causing the injury to the alleged victim’s eye, stating that he “felt horrible” about it.

It’s also alleged two children had been physically abused. Police wrote there was bruising on children’s ears and cheeks; one child had bruising on their head.

Lopez is being held in the Cache County Jail on $20,000 bail. Formal charges have yet to be filed.

Chance Saltern, 42, pleaded guilty and was sentenced on Tuesday to class-A charge of assault by prisoner. The charge was amended from a third-degree felony.

He was sentenced to 364 days in the Cache County Jail with 334 days suspended, according to documents filed with the court.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, Saltern was upset over a hard dinner roll he had received as part of a meal at the Cache County Jail. Saltern then began flooding the cell with his toilet. Deputies placed Saltern in a holding cell, and while removing Saltern’s handcuffs, it was alleged he trapped a sergeant’s hands through a handcuff port. The sergeant received hospital treatment for injuries to his swollen, bleeding hand, police wrote.

Saltern’s new release date was set for May 21. He is scheduled to be sentenced in an unrelated aggravated assault case on June 2.

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