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Gabriel Buenafe Sia, 20, appeared in 1st District Court on Monday where defense counsel indicated they were close to a resolution in his two cases.

Sia faces one count of first-degree attempted murder, third-degree rioting, and three counts of third-degree aggravated assault. In a separate but related case, Sia faces one count of third-degree rioting, one count of third-degree possession of a firearm by a restricted person and five misdemeanors.

Documents filed with the court allege Sia was involved in an altercation in June where he pulled a gun and shot an 18-year-old male. The bullet punctured the alleged victim’s forearm and nonfatally grazed his skull. Sia was arrested in August when several individuals were involved in another altercation in Logan; at least one person was clubbed with a gun, documents state. Police wrote they believed the gun in both incidents to be the same.

Sia was set to appear in court again on Nov. 8.

Zachary Sol Miller, 23, appeared in 1st District Court on Monday for a final pretrial conference for his felony sexual assault case.

Defense counsel indicated the jury trial set to begin on Nov. 4 would likely be moving forward.

Miller faces one count of first-degree forcible sodomy, one count of first-degree object rape and one count of second-degree forcible sexual abuse for an incident alleged to have occurred in March 2019.

Documents filed with the court allege Miller sexually assaulted a woman after she had consumed alcohol and a sleeping pill.

Miller pleaded not guilty to the charges in February.

Alex Don Ruesch, 33, made his initial appearance in 1st District Court on five counts of enticing a minor — three second-degree felonies and two third-degree felonies.

An affidavit filed with the court states Ruesch engaged in “sexually explicit conversation” with a Logan City Police officer posing online as a 13-year-old female.

A warrant for Ruesch’s arrest was withdrawn after a motion from prosecutors indicated he had been in contact with their office. The affidavit indicates Ruesch resides in Nevada.

He is set to appear in court again on Nov. 22.

Jay Dick Frandsen, 67, had a warrant for his arrest recalled after he appeared in 1st District Court on Monday.

The warrant was issued for his arrest after he failed to appear for a prior court hearing. Defense counsel asked for the warrant to be recalled, but Cache County prosecutors requested it remain in place with a $15,000 bondable bail to ensure he wouldn’t miss any further appearances.

Judge Angela Fonnesbeck recalled the warrant, but said Frandsen would either be held in jail or would receive a high bail if he missed any more court appearances.

“Your failure to appear will not be tolerated,” Fonnesbeck said.

Frandsen faces 18 felonies for securities fraud, issuing bad checks and exploiting a vulnerable adult. Cache County prosecutors allege Frandsen contacted the alleged victim about the sale of gold mining equipment in South Africa. It’s alleged Frandsen told the person he needed money for the South African government to facilitate the sale and issued bad checks in an attempt to pay the victim back.

Frandsen pleaded not guilty to the charges in Oct. 2020 and is set to appear in court again on Nov. 8.

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