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Two men were arrested on Friday after law enforcement alleged they threatened to harm a man with “a bat and a machete.”

Darwin Jay Bundy and John La Verne Simpson each face a single count of third-degree aggravated assault in the 1st District Court. The two 52-year-olds were arrested on Friday and charges were filed the following Monday.

An affidavit filed with the court states Cache County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a dispute in Wellsville where they saw “Simpson wielding a baseball bat” and arguing with the alleged victim outside of “a small shed.” The shed was determined to be the alleged victim’s primary residence, which he was renting from Bundy.

Deputies wrote the alleged victim was accused of having “slept with (Bundy’s) girlfriend,” and Bundy wanted to remove the alleged victim from the residence.

“Bundy sent a message to Simpson asking for help in removing the victim due to Simpson’s martial arts training, explaining he did not want the police involved,” deputies wrote.

The affidavit states Simpson pushed in the alleged victim’s door “with a bat and a machete in his hands.” Deputies wrote Bundy filmed the incident on his phone; the footage depicts Simpson “placing the machete to the victim’s throat” and “placing the end of the bat under the victim’s chin, pushing his chin upward.”

Court records indicate both men made their initial appearances for their charges on Monday.

Bundy is set to make an initial appearance for a separate case in the 1st District Court on Wednesday for an alleged hit-and-run incident on U.S. Highway 89/91 involving a stolen utility trailer. Logan City Police officers wrote in an affidavit that Bundy struck a vehicle with the trailer, left the scene and ditched the trailer at a gas station.

According to the affidavit, Bundy told officers the trailer belonged to his boss and held construction equipment. The owner of the trailer, police wrote, confirmed the trailer was stolen and housed “medieval reenactment equipment.”

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