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Two men were arrested Sunday evening after a “violent fight” resulted in one alleged victim being “pistol whipped,” according to Logan City Police.

Abraham Gamez, 21, and Gabriel Buenafe Sia, 20, each have been charged in 1st District Court with a third-degree count of rioting and additional misdemeanors for Sunday’s incident.

Sia also faces one count of first-degree attempted murder, three counts of third-degree aggravated assault and an additional third-degree riot charge for an incident in June where police say an 18-year-old was shot.

The charges against Sia and Gamez were filed on Monday morning, and both men were arraigned on the charges via video conference call from the Cache County Jail that afternoon. Gamez and Sia were ordered to be held provisionally without bail until their next court appearances.

According to police, on Aug. 1 at around 4:30 p.m. a patrolling officer came upon a fight in progress around 135 S. Main Street in Logan. When contact was made with the individuals involved, according to probable cause statements filed with the court, three males stopped fighting and fled. One man, later identified as Sia, was detained in a parking lot, while the others left in a gold Cadillac.

Later on, police wrote the Cadillac was located at a residence and a perimeter was established. According to police, a man later identified as Gamez fled from the back of the residence and was taken into custody after officers deployed a stun gun.

The two alleged victims told police they had been jumped as they left a local restaurant.

“They stated one of them had been hit with a firearm in the head. They used the term pistol whipped,” police wrote. “They advised me they had no idea who the male I had in custody was.”

Police wrote Sia is also accused of shooting an 18-year-old nearly six weeks prior. On June 17, police responded to a report of a shooting in the south end of Logan. The alleged victim had been shot through the right forearm and the bullet “grazed his skull causing a sizable laceration on the top of his head,” police wrote.

Witnesses told police the alleged victim and an individual were going to engage in a mutual combat situation. After trying to intervene when the alleged victim was “jumped” by multiple people, witnesses told police a gun was pulled and the alleged victim was ultimately shot. Police wrote the Utah State Crime Lab determined the bullet was consistent with a .38 caliber.

While investigating Sunday’s incident, police found a .38 special revolver believed to be in Sia’s possession.

“The revolver is a 5-shot revolver and was loaded with only 4 bullets, leaving one chamber empty,” police wrote.

After being arrested and interviewed by police, the affidavit states Sia eventually admitted to “having (the gun) in his hand when it discharged” during the shooting in June.

“Gabriel said he did not intend to fire the revolver and it had discharged when his finger was on the trigger and he hit (the alleged victim) with it,” police wrote. “Gabriel said he had discarded the empty shell casing in a riverbed in Salt Lake City.”

Police wrote Sunday’s incident involved “several males,” potentially five in total, though the exact number is unclear.

Logan City Police Capt. Curtis Hooley told The Herald Journal that Sunday’s incident was still under investigation, and he expected more information to emerge in the coming days, but there was suspicion the incidents may have been gang related.

“Gangs aren’t super prevalent here,” Hooley said, but explained there are local individuals involved in gang activity.

For Hooley, random acts of violence aren’t prevalent either.

“Especially in Logan, Utah,” Hooley said.

Hooley said the alleged victims in Sunday’s incident sustained injuries, but none were life-threatening. Additionally, he said the victim in the June shooting survived and was very lucky his arm took the brunt of the bullet.

Hooley encouraged any potential witnesses to Sunday’s incident to contact police with additional details.

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