LOGAN — A woman who pleaded guilty to multiple felony thefts connected to a high-speed chase through Sardine Canyon avoided an immediate prison sentence on Monday.

Breaisa Marie Montano, 27, was sentenced to zero to five years in the Utah State Prison for each of three third-degree felony retail theft charges. The prison time was stayed pending successful completion of probation. Judge Thomas L. Willmore ordered two of the sentences to run consecutive — rendering a potential 10 years in prison if Montano doesn’t complete probation.

Willmore said the reason he stayed prison was so Montano could receive treatment, not only for controlled substances, but for severe childhood trauma.

“You’ve got a lot of ghosts, don’t you?” Willmore said.

In a hearing on Dec. 9, Willmore said Montano had 14 property crime convictions — something he expected her to explain during her continued sentencing on Monday.

“It’s literally the only way I know how to survive,” Montano said.

On Aug. 14, Montano and co-defendant Brittney Franklin allegedly took part in multiple thefts of retail establishments, including Al’s Sporting Goods of Logan. Montano fled Al’s with stolen items in her possession while being pursued by a loss-prevention employee. Montano placed the stolen items into a car being operated by Franklin.

It’s alleged Franklin drove the car into the loss-prevention employee, who was carried on the hood of the vehicle for at least 30 feet, and then proceeded to lead police on a high-speed chase through Sardine Canyon.

Willmore said, as per an amended report from Adult Probation and Parole, Montano did not cause injury to the loss-prevention employee.

Willmore said Montano was to have no contact with Franklin or particular family members.

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