Doorbell ditching Cubs
Doorbell ditching Cubs

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As one group of Logan Cub Scouts found out last week, it?s OK to doorbell ditch someone when your intentions are good.

For the third year, kids in Troop 310 went door to door Thursday night on a scavenger hunt for items to donate to the Child and Family Support Center 8 a crisis and respite care nursery on the north end of Logan. Only this scout troop didn?t plan to drop off their donations in any normal fashion.

Call it a ding dong ditch, a doorbell ditch, whatever you want 8 these kids wanted to drop off their boxes of everything from toilet paper to crackers in style.

BWe have to run up and ring the doorbell and run back,C said scout Andy Phillips, who was one of the few boys in the pack who?d participated in the Bhelping children we don?t knowC service project the previous year. BLast year they had snow.C

Phillips and fellow scout Seth Wilde both said they like collecting items that other kids need, but the person who really likes the good deed is Esterlee Molyneux, executive director of the Child and Family Support Center.

BThey?re all so appreciated because it helps to alleviate part of the stress off of our budget,C Molyneux said of the donations. BOur community has been so generous and really I feel like we?re here for the community because of the community.C

Along with Troop 310, Molyneux said, her organization recently received help from other service organizations such as a Girl Scout troop that redecorated a bedroom for infants at the center, and an Eagle Scout who poured cement for a basketball court at the facility.

While Molyneux and those serviced at the Child and Family Support Center get to reap the benefits of the service, it?s Troop 310?s den mother Doree Burt and other parents from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Woodruff Ward that get to see the benefit of the boys running from house to house asking for goodies.

BIt?s kind of a twist on a food drive,C Burt said while trying to keep up with the energetic kids. BThey?re 8, 9 and 10, so the (service project) has to be high-energy stuff.C

Prior to leaving the groups? ward meeting house into the cold air of the night, Burt explained the instruction of how the service project would work to the boys. The lesson of the evening was going to be the service, but in the early going, it was clear that all the boys wanted to do was doorbell ditch someone.

BWe don?t doorbell ditch the people we?re going to ask for stuff,C Burt told the boys.

All the excitement and running through the brisk night air was worth it in the end, however, as the boys dropped off their donation and were able to doorbell ditch Molyneux?s building without getting caught.

Just don?t anyone tell Molyneux that it was Troop 310 that did it 8 they want to stay anonymous 8 at least that?s what Burt said the troops always decide.

BEvery year there?s a debate about whether they should go back and tell them who it was,C Burt said. BInevitably everyone says they should stay anonymous, and it?s so fun watching their eyes get so excited.C



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