Utah State University has adjusted plans for this year’s commencement ceremony to allow for limited guests as a result of modifications in the State of Utah’s COVID-19 pandemic protocols and an increase in vaccine availability.

Both of Cache Valley’s school districts have decided to give pandemic bonuses to district staff and administrators who were not covered by state-funded stipends sent out this week to Utah teachers, principals and school employees.

Nurses and health care workers have been overwhelmed and worn down by the worst effects of COVID-19 on their patients, but on the school side, Cache County School District health aides and nurses deliver good news — mostly.

Since classes resumed in the fall, teachers, administrators, students and parents have been bracing for the possibility that their school would move to online-only instruction to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, educators and patrons are making that shift at Ridgeline High…

How much damage can a ping pong ball wreak, if it is traveling at the speed of sound? How high will a 55-gallon metal drum jump, when it implodes under atmospheric pressure? With AC power, are lights constantly illuminated when they are turned on? Can sound really break glass? How does a bal…

Utah State University Libraries is looking for contributions to the U.S. Election Reflections Collecting Project. While the goal is to preserve northern Utahns’ reaction to the 2020 presidential election, anyone is welcome to participate.

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