Nurses and health care workers have been overwhelmed and worn down by the worst effects of COVID-19 on their patients, but on the school side, Cache County School District health aides and nurses deliver good news — mostly.

Since classes resumed in the fall, teachers, administrators, students and parents have been bracing for the possibility that their school would move to online-only instruction to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, educators and patrons are making that shift at Ridgeline High…

How much damage can a ping pong ball wreak, if it is traveling at the speed of sound? How high will a 55-gallon metal drum jump, when it implodes under atmospheric pressure? With AC power, are lights constantly illuminated when they are turned on? Can sound really break glass? How does a bal…

Utah State University Libraries is looking for contributions to the U.S. Election Reflections Collecting Project. While the goal is to preserve northern Utahns’ reaction to the 2020 presidential election, anyone is welcome to participate.

A month ago, when Utah State University had a phased move-in for students living on campus, not as many of them were wearing masks while outside — despite a policy requiring face coverings.

Capping off an election season complicated by a viral pandemic and ongoing demonstrations for racial equality, Utah State University is presenting a six-week voting rights symposium.

What local health officials had hoped would be only a couple of days of relatively high COVID-19 cases has continued, with 20 or more new infections reported every day since Thursday in the health district.

With COVID-19 test results back from more than 80% of the 287 residents in USU’s quarantined dorms, four students are known so far to have the virus, but a university spokesperson said Friday no more positive results are expected from the “few dozen” remaining students.

A report co-authored by a Utah State University professor sheds light on how people in the Western U.S. have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, including their views on government assistance and what the future holds.

Student and parent cooperation are being hailed as exemplary as Cache County’s two major school districts size up how things have gone so far in the delicate return to classes under the cloud of COVID-19.

Fall sports were one of the first COVID-19 casualties for the 2020-2021 school year at Utah State University. The fate of many other Aggie events hangs in the balance of how well USU handles students’ return to campus, but several key “Connections” events for freshmen have survived.

Utah State University President Noelle Cockett announced Tuesday that USU students at the Logan Main campus will see a $150 reduction in fall student fees while full time students at USU Statewide Campuses will see a $95 fee reduction.

As head coach of Logan High’s drill team, Maryn Lindley is no stranger to performance. It’s a little strange, then, that her biggest claim to fame this summer was for her role as a basketball.

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