usu road changes

Stoplights at a crosswalk are one of the changes that has been made this summer to 700 North where it goes through the USU campus.

Just in time for the fall semester, Aggie Bull-evard reopened on Monday after being closed to through traffic for summer construction.

The construction project “has enhanced the main entry into Utah State, which gives it a better feel coming in for everyone,” said Kelly Christoffersen from USU Facilities planning, design and construction.

Aggie Bull-evard is the section of 700 North that runs from 800 East to 1200 East and is the main thoroughfare through Utah State University. This summer’s project focused mostly on the section between 800 East and the main crosswalk, about a block of roadway.

“The project overall improves safety and mobility for all users,” said Christofferson.

The project included crosswalk improvements, adding bike lanes and installing a barrier in the median and in front of the Aggie Recreation Center to make crossing outside of crosswalks more difficult.

Bike lanes were added to the crosswalks on 700 North at 1200 East and 800 East. The pavement at the 800 East crosswalk now reads “Utah State University.”

The updated crosswalk, just east of the University Inn parking lot, now features traffic and pedestrian lights to direct the flow of both vehicle and foot traffic.

“It enhances the active transportation of everybody involved on that road,” Christofferson said.

The barrier added to the center median and in front of the ARC features two brown metal bars that rise and fall in a pattern that resembles a mountain range. The landscaping around the barrier and in front of the buildings along this block of 700 North is also new.

“This art barrier does two things,” Christofferson said. “It looks really nice and it kind of closes off any kind of jaywalking.”

Christofferson said the university wants to make similar improvements on the rest of 700 North and will do so as soon as the funds are acquired.

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