fundraiser concert

Joseph Caringella, of The Handsome Glass, performs during the Day One fundraiser concert on Tuesday at USU.

Several of Logan’s local musicians came together at Utah State on Tuesday night for a concert showcase raising funds for a mental health nonprofit.

In a small corner of the fine arts building on campus, nearly 10 bands performed from 4:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. with the hope that the sound would attract a large crowd.

Although it was snowing outside, organizers of the Day One Benefit concert planned for an intimate indoors showcase that could raise money in support for Day One of Utah, a small nonprofit dedicated to providing mental health services to individuals regardless of their ability to pay.

Although initially founded in 2007, Katie Marchant, the executive director, said that Day One is dedicated to growing and raising funds in 2019.

“We are seeing a bigger need for mental health services in the Cache Valley area, however, right now we are operating on word of mouth,” Marchant said.

Day One stemmed out of QYS Clinical Services, which has locations in Harrisville, Logan and Pleasant Grove. The medical professionals at QYS saw a need for mental health services in youth and adults who are unable to pay.

“Right now, despite seeing the greatest need in Cache Valley, we are unable to take clients here,” Marchant said.

According to Marchant, her job since 2015 has primarily been about writing grants and coordinating funds for the 20 individuals that the nonprofit currently serves in Utah. However, the grant that Day One has been operating on doesn’t include Cache Valley.

“There are a lot of grants out there. However, in order to qualify for most grants, you have to be able to show audited financial reports, but we need money first to even have any reports,” Marchant said. “So, for now we are relying on private donations from events like this.”

Sam Pond is an intern at QYS in Logan and a student at USU. He loves performing, and when coming on board with QYS, he decided he wanted to raise money with a benefit concert.

“Mental health is an issue in Logan because of the cultural stigma here,” Pond said. “Most people don’t get the help they need.”

Pond said that he reached out to multiple businesses in the community to help sponsor the event and all the bands performed for free. Tickets were $13 with all the proceeds going to Day One. Pond and Marchant are currently working on other events between Logan and Ogden and are targeting the millennial age range with “fun events” that can raise money.

“We want to raise money in a way that doesn’t stigmatize people to come out and support mental health,” Marchant said.

Since 2015, Marchant has helped raise $12,000 in private donations that help fund up to eight sessions with each individual they serve.

“All of the money stays local,” Marchant said. “We plan eight sessions for every individual before we accept them for the program.”

Individuals interested are recommended to Day One by QYS. These individuals either don’t have insurance or can’t meet their deductible.

Marchant said that Day One is wary of taking any clients in Cache Valley until they have the funds needed to take on an individual.

Bands including Handsome Glass, Atlas the Dreamer, The Strange, The Painted Roses, Summer Bloom and Big Sis performed in the Visual Arts building on campus for free with hopes that more money would be raised so Day One can start taking clients.

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