Early Thursday morning, in the middle of Christmas break, a couple of students met at Green Canyon High School to organize clothes, books and toys to help people start businesses abroad.

Craig Anhder, the head football coach and entrepreneurship teacher, wanted to teach his students something that would really impact people. He decided that one way they could really help people with more difficult circumstances was to give them the chance to sell products and start a business.

“I was lying in bed thinking that I am going to teach my students all these things and they are just going to forget it,” Anhder said. “I have to give them something meaningful.”

Anhder’s class spent that past couple of months gathering thousands of leftover items from his wife’s organization Divvy UP, a program that collects children’s clothes and items and sells them at a lower price.

Now, Kaitlin Welsh, a senior at GCHS, is heading up the packing part of the process for her Future Business Leaders of America project.

“This is such an important project and I am excited to see it all come together,” Welsh said. “For now, we are just trying to fill the boxes in a way that makes sense.”

They will be teaming up with the SEED program to implement the business ideas in the third-world countries and Mentors International to provide micro-loans to people who are interested.

“We have contacts of people that want to start their own businesses in Peru, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and the Philippines,” Anhder said. “They will be able to start a mini second-hand clothing store.”

Huge piles of clothes and toys line Anhder’s classroom while Anhder and the students pack as much as they can into the cardboard boxes donated by Home Depot.

“We are just figuring it out. You have to just take a step out there if you want to make a difference and hope you don’t fall,” Anhder said as he taped up the the third filled box of the day.

Anhder said he hopes his classroom will be filled with students and community members to help make this happen.

They will be gathering at Green Canyon High School on Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon and Monday from 5 to 9 p.m.

Green Canyon High School is located at 2960 Wolfpack Way, North Logan.

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