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Utah State University has a new club called Disabled and Neurodiverse Aggies.

Sarah Timmerman is a program coordinator at USU’s Inclusion Center. In addition to DNA, she is also over USU’s Women and Gender program.

Timmerman said the club arose after students Anna Peterson and Derek Darley formed a list of 40 fellow Aggies who were interested in forming a club for disabled and neurodiverse students.

“They forwarded the list to me, and with the help of many people, we were able to get the club organized and established in the Inclusion Center,” Timmerman said.

Like all of Utah State’s department-sponsored clubs, Timmerman said everyone is welcome to join the club and participate as a member.

Timmerman said so far DNA has hosted multiple support groups and social activities.

“One of the things that we are proud of is that the students are in charge of the club, so activities and events will vary with a different council, but usually social and educational,” she said.

Darley, the club’s president, said the club formed because a group of students wanted a place where students with disabilities could get together on campus to socialize, educate and advocate for students.

Darley, who is currently a senior majoring in technology systems, said some of the club’s activities include an activism and empowerment session with disability activist Alice Wong, as well as game nights and workshops. The workshops so far have focused on the Center for Persons with Disabilities and another organization called DREAM — Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring.

“In the future we hope to have a Disability Week on campus educating students and the community about disability issues and bringing community awareness to it,” Darley said.

Darley said DNA is a great benefit to the USU community.

“It provides a voice and support for those with disabilities on campus,” he said.

People can find out more about events by looking at the Inclusion Center’s social media, Darley said, or by attending the club’s meetings.

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