The recently concluded state legislative session brought some tweaks to Utah State University’s campus in Blanding. Thanks to Senate Bill 232, effective July 1, the campus will be Utah State University: Blanding.

“Essentially it separates Blanding into its own campus,” said Neil Abercrombie USU’s director of government relations.

Originally called the College of Eastern Utah, in 2012, the Blanding campus doubled housing on-campus for students and has become prominent as an extension of USU’s main campus in Logan.

“This all started a year ago when local communities brought to our attention that there is no technical college in that part of the state,” Abercrombie said. “We began discussing, ‘What are each of these campuses doing? And how are they coordinating with Logan?’ What’s unique about the Price and Blanding locations is that there are dorms and housing with our Eastern campuses.”

Price and Blanding are both considered part of USU Eastern, but this bill is expected to reinterpret that term as Price will be called USU Eastern, in the same way that Logan is USU Main, and the latter will be known as USU Blanding.

“It’s really all much more technical language for the state than it is actual change,” Abercrombie said.

Sen. David Hinkins sponsored the bill in the Senate and Rep. Christine Watkins sponsored the bill in the House.

The bill amends provisions related to USU’s Board of Trustees, provisions related to the regional campus in Moab and makes technical and conforming changes.

USU Blanding will be administered by a vice president of the university appointed by Noelle Cockett.

The state of Utah appointed $2 million to Price, Blanding and Moab campuses to implement more technical classes and $1.2 million to USU to expand its 4-H Program.