The Google homepage may feature the artwork of a Cache Valley sixth-grade student.

Center for Creativity, Innovation and Discovery student Amelia Choate was named as one of the 53 winners in the Google’s 11th annual Doodle for Google Competition after winning in the state of Utah on Thursday.

“It’s just amazing because there were so many submissions in our whole state, and here she got it for the whole state,” CCID art teacher Holly Conger said. “It’s amazing.”

Amelia and her classmates were encouraged by Conger to redesign the Google logo based on this year’s theme: “When I grow up, I hope …”

According to Conger, she discussed the theme for only one lesson and each of the students had to do the redesign on their own.

“It was in their own hands after that one lesson,” Conger said.

Conger said about 20 students turned in their artwork to be submitted to the competition.

Amelia said she submitted her doodle and forgot about it until Google announced the winners.

“I was mostly just really shocked at the beginning,” Amelia said. “I was just really surprised.”

Representatives from Google surprised the students and staff at CCID on Thursday with an assembly to celebrate Amelia’s achievement with her peers.

“I was so excited for her,” Conger said. “She’s so sweet and just very deserving. She works really hard in art.”

Conger said Amelia flourishes in the school’s advanced art class, and her hard work shows not only in the drawing but also in the concept behind it.

“She thought of an idea that would serve so much more than just herself,” Conger said. “She had a beautiful composition … with complimentary colors.”

The inspiration for her doodle named “Sea Creatures with Plastic Bottle” came from seeing the trash in the ocean, according to Amelia. She said she hopes we can stop polluting the ocean.

“There’s a water bottle in there for the letter ‘L’ and she is hoping that people will see how out of place that looks,” said Amelia’s mother, Andrea Choate. “She’s hoping people will realize, you know, let’s get our garbage out of the ocean and then give them back their ecosystem.”

Amelia has a love for drawing and animals, especially sea creatures, according to Choate. She said Amelia would fill their sidewalks with sea creatures.

“She’s been drawing, seriously, since she could sit up,” Choate said. Amelia “just wanted to get a pencil in her hand and draw, or sidewalk chalk.”

As a finalist, Amelia is now competing against eight other sixth- and seventh-graders across the country to have her art featured on the Google homepage.

“She’s put in thousands of hours learning how to draw,” Choate said. “It’s like her chance to get a scholarship and her school can get a bunch of money.”

Out of the 53 winners, five national finalists will go to California to compete to be named the national winner.

The national winner will have their doodle featured on the search engine’s homepage for a day as well as win a $30,000 college scholarship. The winner’s school will receive $50,000 for the establishment or improvement of a computer lab or technology program.

Aside from all of the prices, Amelia wants to get her message out to as many people as possible.

“She wants people to legitimately hear her message, which is to pick up your garbage when you go to the beach,” Choate said. “That is her main message. She’s so excited to have already won.”

Anyone from around the world may vote for Amelia and her doodle until Friday. To see a full list of the state winners and vote, visit